Murkim language

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Native to Western New Guinea
Region Pegunungan Bintang Regency, Batom subdistrict
Native speakers
290  (2004)[1]
(language isolate?)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 rmh
Glottolog murk1238[2]

Murkim is an unclassified Papuan language spoken in Western New Guinea, near the unclassified languages Lepki and Kembra. Though spoken by fewer than 300 people, it is being learned by children.

In 2007, on a Papuan language website, a Mark Donohue reported that,

Murkim [and] Lepki [and] Kembra are, along with a number of other languages, unclassified groups living between the main cordillera and Mt. 6234, in the north of Papua near the PNG border (where 'near' = up to about 6 days' walk). They don't appear to be related to each other, based on wordlists, and they don't appear to show external affiliations.[2]

Hammarström (2010) concurs that the few lexical resemblances with its neighbors are most likely to be loans, though he did not have access to Kembra data.[3]


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