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Murr Television
Launched November 7, 1991 (original);
April 7, 2009 (relaunch)
Closed 2002–2009
Picture format 16:9 (1080i, HDTV)
Slogan More than a Vision
Country Lebanon
Language Arabic
Broadcast area Lebanon
Arab World
European Union
United States
Headquarters Naccache, Lebanon
Eco Net 12120 H - 27500 - 5/6
CableVision 11880 H - 21600 - 3/4
Digitek 12100 V - 28175 - 7/8
Nilesat 102 12130 V - 27500 - 5/6
Arabsat Badr 6 11823 V - 27500 - 3/4
Arabsat Badr 4 12073 H - 27500 - 3/4
Intelsat 8 12646 H - 28066 - 3/4
EchoStar 15\Anik F3 Dish Network
Available on most cable systems Check local listings for channels
Streaming media
MTV Live Free
freeTVRadio TBA

Murr Television (marketed and widely known as MTV Lebanon) is a Lebanese television station based in Naccache, Matn District. MTV was founded by Michel Gabriel El Murr, its Chairman and CEO to date. MTV is one of the leading Television Stations in Lebanon and the Middle East.[citation needed]

Early stages[edit]

MTV was established in 1991 as a TV channel that aimed to raise the standard in local Lebanese television in terms of Arab and western media content that would reflect the Lebanese people’s aspirations and values.[citation needed]

MTV shutdown and re-opening[edit]

In 2002, the Lebanese government presided by Rafik Hariri initiated a non-constitutional process to forcibly close MTV. It succeeded but on April 7, 2009 MTV re-opened four years after Syrian forces left Lebanon.[1][citation needed]


MTV's vision is to be the leading independent media station in Lebanon and the Arab world, serving as the catalyst and vehicle for inclusion and regional well-being, and endorsing reform and advancement from within societies. MTV strives to become the indisputable symbol for the values of thought independence, social responsibility, freedom of expression and continuous betterment.


MTV's mission is to enhance the media's role in Lebanon and the Arab world, to participate in the advancement of independent thought, and to serve the interests and the well-being of society while assuring its commitment to shareholders. MTV strives to be the region's media role model in terms of transparency and social responsibility, delivering on its pledged values by providing its viewers with content that informs, entertains, develops minds and ripens individuals, free of any bias.


Credibility & Independence - Ethical Conduct - Public Interest & Social Responsibility - Transparency & Accountability - Liberties and Inclusion


Murr Television features a variety of general-interest programs. News are aired in five daily bulletins: at 7:00 am, 8:00 am, 2:00 pm, 7:52 pm and 12:00 am (Beirut time). Many other programs are shown on the channel; some of them are:

  • @MTV (Teen-entertainment show)
  • Mini Studio "(Kids Show)"
  • Aghani Aghani (Arabic music clips segment)
  • Ahdam Shi (Comedy talk show)
  • Voyage Voyage (Travel show)
  • Abel El Akhbar " ( Political talk show) "
  • Ajyal (Lebanese drama series)
  • Baaed El Akhbar (Political talk show)
  • Bab Al Hara ( Famous Syrian Series)
  • Banet Ammati ou Binti ou Ana (Comedy series)
  • Bimawdouiia (Political talk show)
  • Massa Al Hurriya (Political talk show)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Crime drama series dubbed in Arabic)
  • CU&TC (Kids show)
  • Deal or No Deal (Game show)
  • Friends (Sitcom dubbed in Arabic)
  • Ghannoujet Bayya (Comedy series)
  • How It's Made (Documentary television series)
  • Heik Menghanni ( Music Game Show)
  • Just For Laughs Gags (Silent comedy show)
  • Jamil w Hana (Syrian Comedy series)
  • Kids News (Kids show)
  • Ktir Salbe (comedy show)
  • Kurtlar Vadisi (Turkish series dubbed in Arabic)
  • La Fea Más Bella (Mexican telenovela dubbed in Arabic. Known as Letty in the Arab World)
  • Log In (Entertainment show)
  • Mafi Metlo (Comedy Show)
  • Mish Ghalat (Talk show)
  • Mish Maaoul Gino (Magic show)
  • MTV Alive (Morning Show)
  • NRJ Music Videos (English music clips segment)
  • NRJ Spin Mag (Entertainment news)
  • Pasión De Gavilanes (Telenovela dubbed in Arabic)
  • Poker After Dark (Poker tournament)
  • Press Review (Newspaper readings)
  • Preview (Cinema news & trailers)
  • Qabel El Akhbar (Political talk show)
  • Rahet Aleik (Sketch comedy show)
  • Sarah (Lebanese drama series)
  • Madame Carmen (Lebanese drama series- From The Series: For Adults Only)
  • Scare Tactics (Reality show)
  • Score (Sports show)
  • Speed (Motor show)
  • Studio El Fann (Talent show)
  • Sunday Mass
  • Tahkik (Documentary show)
  • Talk of the Town Hosted by Mona Abou Hamza(Late-night talk show)
  • WANTED: Inta Aal Khatt (Interactive game show)
  • W Ana Kamen (Social show)
  • Lebanon World Super Model
  • Haik Min Ghanny (Entertainment music show)
  • Bil Hawa Sawa (Entertainment talk show)
  • Min El Ikher (Entertainment talk show)
  • Ahdam Shi (Comedy talk show)
  • Beirut El Youm (news)
  • Seven (Sab3a)
  • Meen Al (information segmennt)
  • Ghaltet Omry (Lebanese Drama Series)
  • Adam
  • Ommy
  • Aiza Atgawez (Egyptian Comedy series)
  • El Bab Fil Bab (Egyptian Comedy series)
  • Well Done (Cooking show)
  • Barcode
  • Workout (Sports show)
  • Blocnote
  • Eco
  • Clinic (Medical show)
  • Beynetna
  • Window Wedding
  • Window Estate
  • Do it yourself
  • El Hal 3enna
  • Family
  • Catwalk
  • You Turn
  • Tarot
  • Life Style
  • CU & TC
  • Mishwar
  • Motorshow
  • Auto Focus (Cars show)
  • Ajial (Lebanese Drama show)
  • Farha w Marha (Lebanese comedy series)
  • 3aile Mat3ob 3alaya (Lebanese Comedy show)
  • Maleh Ya Baher
  • Doctor Hala
  • Tabat w Nabat
  • 2adeyet Safeya
  • Bab El Hara (Syrian Historical series)
  • Bkeeza w Zaghlol
  • Youmiyat Modeer 3am (Syrian Comed show)
  • Allo Jameel Allo Hanaa (Syrian Comedy show)
  • Gharam w Intikam
  • Dalida
  • Kitab Maftooh
  • The Ideaz Prize
  • Wjooh Tahke
  • Marina (Mexican telenovela dubbed in Arabic)



Fadi Chahwan(Anchor)

Majed abou hadir (Anchor)

Robert Nakhel (Anchor)

Mona Saliba (Anchor and Reporter)

Diana Fakhoury (Anchor)

Jessica Azar (Anchor)

Chantale Saliba abou Khalil (Anchor)

Denise Rahme Fakhry (Reporter) Nakhle Odaime (Reporter) Berna Nehme Chedid (Reporter) Johnny Tanios (Reporter) Hanady Rahme (Reporter) Haytham Khawand (Reporter) Hussein Khreis (Reporter) Joelle Kozaily (Reporter) Joyce Akiki (Reporter) Rakelle Moubarak (Reporter)


  • Katia Moundalak (mtv alive)
  • Rola Safa (mtv alive)
  • Stephanie Kassabian (mtv alive)
  • Tina Jarrous Faucon (mtv alive)
  • Elsa Yazbeck Charabati (mtv alive)
  • Chirine Keyrouz (mtv alive)
  • Karen Boustany (mtv alive)
  • Amin Dib (mtv alive)
  • Dolly Ayash (mtv alive:Aghany Aghany)
  • Mohammed Kais (mtv alive:Aghany Aghany)(@ mtv)
  • Philippe Yaacoub (@ mtv)
  • Cynthia Khalifeh (@ mtv)
  • Jad el Khatib (@ mtv)
  • Aimee Sayah (@ mtv)
  • Mia Said (cu and tc)
  • Walid Abboud (Bi Mawdou3iyeh)
  • Albert Thoumy (Min Al?)
  • Maya Diab (Heik Min Ghanne)
  • Mona Abou Hamzeh (Hadith E Balad)
  • Rebecca Abou Nader (EL Hal Inna)
  • Claude Abou Nader Hindi (Tahkik)
  • Pierre Rabbat (Men El Ekhir)
  • General Elias Hanna (General View)
  • Serge Zarka (Seven)
  • Nadim Mehanna (Motorshow)


MTV has recently launched the new version of their website that offers a real time video on demand service and live streaming free of charge:


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