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Not to be confused with Murle, the Nilo-Saharan-speaking group in South Sudan.

Murule (or Murale)[1] is a sub-clan of the Somali Hawiye clan. The clan members are principally concentrated in the North Eastern province. They are present in southern Somalia, where they are found in Gedo, along the Jubba River and in the Hiran region.


Murule come from the larger Gugundhabe sub-clan of the Hawiye of Somalia. Gugundhabe is composed of Murule, Baadicadde and Jajeele and Saransoor. They live in the larger Hiran region of Somalia. They are made up of four clans: Sharmaarke, Yabarsiin, Kuuloow and Naabsoor.

Murules are found in Mandera,[1] Arabia, Lafey, Sala, Fino, Waranqara, El Wak, Wargadud, Rhamu, Hareri, and Lebihiya. From the plains of Bambiyaryar to the fertile strip of Qorijab to the tips of Cirey labanass mountains to the banks of Dawa River, Murules are known for their nomadic and pastoralist activities.


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