Musée des beaux-arts d'Arras

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Musée des beaux-arts d'Arras
Musée des beaux-arts d'Arras is located in France
Musée des beaux-arts d'Arras
Location within France
Established 1825
Location Arras, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Coordinates 50°21′27″N 3°31′51″E / 50.35756944°N 3.530763889°E / 50.35756944; 3.530763889
Visitors 36,415 (2003)
52,467 (2004)
29,533 (2005)
28,265 (2006)
28,328 (2007)[1]

The Musée des beaux-arts d'Arras is located in the old Abbey of St. Vaast in Arras, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.



The museum's collection includes paintings of the Flemish and Dutch schools including Jehan Bellegambe, Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Peter Wtewael, Balthasar van der Ast, Peter Paul Rubens, Gerard Seghers, Jacob Foppens van Es, Barent Fabritius, Nicolaes Maes and Gerbrand van den Eeckhout. From the Italian school there are works by Jacopo Bassano and paintings from the "nine muses" series of Giovanni Baglione. There are also French paintings by artists such as Claude Vignon, Philippe de Champaigne, Gaspard Dughet, Jean Jouvenet, Sébastien Bourdon, Laurent de La Hyre, Charles Le Brun, Joseph Parrocel, Nicolas de Largillière, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Charles-André van Loo, Louis Joseph Watteau, Joseph-Marie Vien, Camille Corot, Théodore Rousseau, Théodore Chassériau, Eugène Delacroix...

Some of the works that are displayed are:


Sculptures include:

Objets d'art[edit]

The most notable of the collection of art objects are:

  • The angels of Humbert and the angels of Saudemont date from 1260-1270 with a height of 1.30m, gold-plated matte and gloss for those Saudemont. These are fine examples of the quality of medieval sculpture in northern France. They are classified as historical monuments since 29 November 1958. The originals are in the museum, while copies are contained in one of the chapels of Saudemont and the Humbert church.
  • Medieval funerary mask.
L'un des anges d'Humbert.
L'autre ange d'Humbert.





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