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Musashino Art University (武蔵野美術大学 Musashino Bijutsu Daigaku?, MAU) is a university in Kodaira, western Tokyo, founded in 1962 and having roots going back to 1929.

Musashino Art University

Teikoku Art School (帝国美術学校, Teikoku Bijutsu Gakkō; meaning "imperial art school") was founded in 1929; in 1948 it became Musashino Art School (武蔵野美術学校, Musashino Bijutsu Gakkō), and in 1962 it became Musashino Art University. This is known[who?] as one of the leading art universities in Japan.

From its start, the university taught fine art and industrial design; it later added architecture, fashion, and other fields.

MAU has exchange agreements with universities in other countries. It has a graduate school that awards master's degrees and doctorates.

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