MuscleMag International

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MuscleMag International
Categories Fitness magazine
Frequency Monthly
Founder Robert Kennedy
Year founded 1974
Company Active Interest Media
Country United States
Based in San Francisco, California
Language English
ISSN 1086-3400

MuscleMag International or Musclemag is an American bodybuilding, fitness and men's magazine, considered one of the top bodybuilding magazines.[1][2] It was established in Canada in 1974 by Robert Kennedy, an immigrant to Canada and leading expert in fitness and bodybuilding, with an initial print run of 110,000.[3][4] It divides its magazine and website into Muscle Building, Nutrition and Supplements, Strength Training, Culture and Girls, regularly featuring fitness and glamor models and sex tips.[5]

Kennedy died in 2012, and his company filed for bankruptcy the next year. MuscleMag was acquired by Active Interest Media.[6]


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