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This article is about a specific museum in Columbia, Missouri, United States. For other museums of art and archaeology, see List of museums.

The Museum of Art and Archaeology, in Columbia, Missouri, is the art museum of the University of Missouri. It is located in Pickard Hall, which also houses the Department of Art History and Archaeology. The Museum is open to the public six days per week (9am - 4pm Tue-Fri, 12pm - 4pm Sat/Sun) and does not charge an admission. The Museum of Art and Archaeology receives support from the Missouri Arts Council.


The museum was founded in 1957 as the Study Collections for Art History and Archaeology and in 1961 it became the Museum of Art and Archaeology. The collections became generally accessible when the museum moved to Pickard Hall in 1976.


Selections from the permanent collection of more than 14,000 works of art and archaeological objects are displayed in five galleries.[1] Temporary exhibitions based on the permanent collection or on loans from other institutions or private individuals are exhibited in three additional galleries. Casts of Greek and Roman sculpture, on loan from the Department of Art History and Archaeology, occupy a gallery on the first floor. The collection contains objects from a wide range of cultures with Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern art works and artifacts being especially strong.


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