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Museum of Life is a 2010 BBC2 documentary, that takes a look behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum, London. It is introduced and co-presented by Jimmy Doherty, who was a volunteer at the Natural History Museum ten years previously.[1] Other presenters are Kate Bellingham, Liz Bonnin, Mark Carwardine, and Chris Van Tulleken.

The six-part program ranges over topics such as the care and maintenance of the museum's 70 million specimens, and the relevance of research by the museum scientists to contemporary problems such as biodiversity loss and the spread of tropical disease.[2]


Episode No. Title of Episode
1. A Museum in a Modern World.
2. Digging up the Past.
3. All Creatures Great and Small.
4. Discovery.
5. The Power of Insects.
6. A Collection for the Future.


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