Museum of Natural History, Belgrade

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Museum of Natural History
Established 19 December 1895
Location Njegoševa 51, Belgrade, Serbia
Mali Kalemegdan 1, Belgrade, Serbia

The Museum of Natural History (Serbian: Природњачки музеј / Prirodnjački muzej) is a museum in Belgrade, Serbia. Founded on 19 December 1895, it one of the oldest specialised scientific institutions set up in Serbia.

It has about 900,000 items and the following collections: minerals, rocks, hunting trophies, palaeontological, zoological and botanical collections. It publishes its own bulletin, the "Glasnik". The museum also contains a library, founded in 1903, with over 20,000 books and other materials.

The museum's gallery is in Mali Kalemegdan, a division of the Kalemegdan neighbourhood of Belgrade, bordering Belgrade's urban section, while the museum itself is on Njegoševa.


The Museum of Natural History was founded on 19 December 1895 as the Jestastvenički muzej and opened in 1904. The museum was founded under the decision of Ljubomira Kovačević, the Minister of Education and Church Divisions at the time, with the help of an initiative of the Serbian Association of Professors.

The museum went under several name changes, its first name change occurring in 1903, where it was renamed Museum of the Serbian Land and then in 1945, where it was renamed Museum of Natural History of the Serbian Land. In 1958, its name was changed to its current name, Museum of Natural History (in Belgrade).


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