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Museum of the Riverina
Museum of the Riverina-WCC.jpg
Established 1967
Location Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

The Museum of the Riverina is a local history museum in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. The Riverina is the region in south-western New South Wales in which Wagga Wagga is located. The museum was established by Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society in 1967 (Morris, p. 241) in premises near the Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens on Lord Baden Powell Drive.

In the late 1990s, Wagga Wagga City Council took over the operation of the museum. In 1999 the Historic Council Chambers, on the corner of Baylis and Morrow Streets, were converted into a second site for the museum following the opening of the new Wagga Wagga Civic Centre. The Historic Council Chambers site hosts travelling exhibitions while the Botanic Gardens site is home to the Sporting Hall of Fame and the museum's permanent collection, including a set of figurines from the Tichborne case.

The museum provides a regional outreach service to 38 Riverina museums.

Sporting Hall of Fame[edit]

Museum of the Riverina Botanic Gardens site.

The following sportspeople have been inducted into the museum's Sporting Hall of Fame:[1]

BAIN, Phillip - Target Shooting

BAKER, Roger - Soccer

BAVERSTOCK (nee Frauenfelder), Brooke - Softball

BRADLEY, Melanie - Athletics

BRAGG,Thomas - Indoor Bias Bowls

BREASLEY, Scobie - Jockey

BRENTNALL, Greg - Rugby League

BROWN, Cameron Wallace - Athletics

BYRNE, Rod - Touch Football

CAREY, Wayne - Australian Rules Football

CARRUTHERS, Simon - Squash

CARTER, Megan - Hockey

CHISHOLM, Lachlan - Athletics

CHISHOLM (nee Taylor), Megan - Karate

COLLINGWOOD, Josh - Cycling

COMMENS, Adam - Hockey

CONDRON, Kevin - Motorcycling

COOKE, Ken - Rifle Shooting

CROWE, Graham - Shooting

DANIHER, Terry - Australian Rules Football

DAWSON, Tom - Cycling

DOYLE, Tim - Kayaking

DRUMMOND, Cheryl - Carriage Driving

DWYER, Patrick - Athletics

EISENHAUER, Peter - Touch Football, Rugby League

ELKINGTON, Steve - Golf

ELLWOOD, Beresford - Rugby Union

FINCH, Andrew - Shooting

FLETCHER, Anthony - Rugby League Refereeing

FOSTER (nee Catton), Brenda - Tennis

GOODEN (nee Wheeler), Amanda - Softball

HABERL (nee Campbell), Andrea - Table Tennis

HADKINS, Wayne - Aero-Modelling

HANN, Quinten - Snooker

HAWICK, Greg - Rugby League

HENDERSON, Kate - Diving

HENDERSON, Nick - Rugby Union


HORNE (nee Robinson), Kim - Softball

HOUSDEN, Robert - Kayaking

HOUSE, Alyisha - Athletics - Junior Sporting Hall of Fame

HUBBARD, Greg - Basketball

HUMBERT, Ashley - Cycling

JENKYN, Diane - Dressage

JONES, Allison - Orienteering

KAHLEFELDT, Brad - Triathlon

KELLY, Paul - Australian Rules Football

KINGSTON, Geoff - Australian Rules Football

LANGFORD, John - Rugby Union

LAWSON, Geoff - Cricket

LENEHAN, James - Rugby Union

LONGMORE, Anna & ROOKE, Matthew - Dancesport

MACKEN, Georgina - Orienteering

MARTIN, Steve - Rugby League

MCDONALD, Terry - Motorcycling

MCKEE, Joyce - Lawn Bowls

MCKINNON, Bruce - Volleyball

MCLAY, Peter - Cricket

MCLENNAN, Graeme - Hockey and Indoor Hockey

MCMAHON, Terry - Touch Football

MCMULLEN, Ken - Rugby Union

MILLER, Warren - Swimming, Aquathon and Modern Pentathlon

MOFFAT, Richard - Cycling

MOHR, Wilbur (Bill) - Australian Rules Football

MOONEY, Cameron - Australian Rules Football

MORTIMER, Chris - Rugby League

MORTIMER, Steve - Rugby League

MURPHY, Jacqueline - Netball

NIX, Bernard - Touch Football

O'NEILL, Andrew - Athletics

PARKER, Holly - Equestrian

PAUL, Ann - Hockey

PIEPER, Gerald - Australian Rules Football

PIKE, Stephen - Referee Touch Football

PUCKETT (nee Bennett), Robyn - Golf

RICHARDS, Lloyd - Motorcycling

RICHARDSON, Norma - Lawn Bowls

ROBERTSON, Bill - Cycling

ROBERTSON, Bob - Cycling

ROCHE, Tony - Tennis

ROOKE, Barney - Shooting

ROOKE, Matthew & LONGMORE, Anna - Dancesport

SCHUSTER (nee Rooke), Maree - Clay Target Shooting

SCOTT, Nola - Croquet

SLATER, Michael - Cricket

SMITH, Rex Daniel - Touch Football

STERLING, Peter - Rugby League

STORMONTH, Michael - Dirt Track/Speedway

SUMMONS, Arthur - Rugby Union, Rugby League

SUNDERLAND, Bob - Motorcycle Racing

SUTHERLAND, Ben - Gymnastics

TAYLOR, Col - Aero-Modelling

TAYLOR, Mark - Cricket

TENNANT, Raeleigh - Triathlon

THOMAS, Gilbert 'Tig' - Sailing

TONKIN, Arthur - Rugby Union

TUTTY, Bruce - Shooting - Pistol

TWITT, Melanie - Hockey

WEISSEL, Eric - Rugby League

WILLIAMS, Garry - Sailing

WILLIAMS, Gregory - Sailing

YOUNG, Jason Carl - Cricket


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