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Mush may refer to:

Mush, MUSH, or Mushing may also refer to:

In acronyms[edit]

  • MUSH sector /ˈmʌʃ/ or MUSH market, an abbreviation of the public sector segment or niche market of municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals

In animals[edit]

  • Mushing /ˈmʌʃ/, a sport or transport method powered by dogs or a command to a dog team
  • Kneading (cats) (also called "mushing", /ˈmʊʃ/), a behavior of domestic cats when they are content or are preparing to settle for a nap

In geography[edit]

In institutions and organizations[edit]

In Internet and technology[edit]

  • MUSH, a type of text-based online social medium (often called a "Multi-User Shared Hallucination")
    • MUSHing, using or playing on a MUSH
  • Mush (computer game), a browser game from Motion Twin
  • MUSH (e-mail client) - the Mail User's Shell, a Unix Shell-like, mail user-agent.

In people[edit]

In entertainment and media[edit]


In other uses[edit]

  • Mush /ˈmʊʃ/, Angloromani slang meaning "face", "man", or "friend"
  • Mushing, bringing bad luck upon someone else, as in poker