Mushroom Rock State Park

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Mushroom Rock
State Park
Pedestal formed by nonuniform weathering
Country  United States
State  Kansas
Region Smoky Hills
District Ellsworth County, Kansas
Nearest city Carneiro and Ellsworth, Kansas
Elevation 488 m (1,601 ft)
Coordinates 38°43′33″N 98°01′50″W / 38.72583°N 98.03056°W / 38.72583; -98.03056Coordinates: 38°43′33″N 98°01′50″W / 38.72583°N 98.03056°W / 38.72583; -98.03056
Geology Dakota Sandstone, Early Cretaceous
Opened 25 April 1965
Management Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
Status Open to public
Map showing location of park
Website: KDWP Website

Mushroom Rock State Park, located in the Smoky Hills region of north-central Kansas, is noted for its mushroom rock formations. These mushroom rocks are an example of hoodoos, formed through a process of nonuniform erosion and weathering in which a hard mass of Dakota Sandstone capstone resisted erosion while the underlying softer stone weathered away. There are two mushrooms and a giant shoe rock, as well as numerous other rock formations in the 5-acre (2.0 ha) park.


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