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"Mushroom coral" redirects here. For soft mushroom corals, see Corallimorpharia.
Fungia scutaria 1.jpg
Close-up of Fungia scutaria
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Cnidaria
Class: Anthozoa
Order: Scleractinia
Suborder: Fungiina
Family: Fungiidae

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The Fungiidae /fəŋˈɡ.ɨd/ are a family of Cnidaria. It contains 13 extant genera.


Species are generally solitary marine animals capable of benthic locomotion.[1][2] These corals often appear to be bleached or dead.[3] In most genera, a single polyp emerges from the center of the skeleton to feed at night. Most species remain fully detached from the substrate in adulthood. Some are immobile as well as colonial.[4][5]

Mushroom corals are able to change sex. This is posited to take place in response to environmental or energetic constraints, and to improve the organism's evolutionary fitness; similar phenomena are observed in some dioecious plants.[6]


Notable species[edit]

Importance to humans[edit]

Members of the family Fungiidae are not of any commercial importance, but are collected for the aquarium trade and are sold as "plate corals".


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