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The Music Hall's entrance

Music Hall is a cabaret-style music hall theatre specializing in live entertainment and cultural showbiz. It is located at Starco Center on Omar Daouk Street between Rue Petro Paoli and Rue Chateaubriand in the city centre of Beirut, Lebanon.

The Music Hall was opened in 2003 by its founder and co-owner Michel Elefteriades who converted an old cinema into a cabaret theatre with a mix of local and foreign acts. With up to twelve artists and bands performing each night, the Music Hall has rapidly become Lebanon's premier live music venue and one of its trendiest nightlife spots. The venue's performing styles focus mainly on World music fusion but also include jazz, pop, ethnic, belcanto, stand-up comedy and other genres.

The Music Hall has been an original, groundbreaking concept and remains a one of a kind night venue in the MENA region.

In 2008, the Music Hall was established as a franchise and an interest in franchising this concept was expressed from a number of cities around the world, including São Paulo, Dubai, Cairo, Istanbul and Doha. The first Music Hall franchise was due to open in Qatar in early 2009, but because of the ongoing financial crisis, the opening was postponed.

A live performance at the Music Hall
Band on stage at the Music Hall

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