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A music executive or record executive is a person within a record label who works in senior management, making executive decisions over the label's artists. Their role varies greatly but in essence, they can oversee one, or many, aspects of a record label, including A&R, contracts, management, publishing, production, manufacture, marketing/promotion, distribution, copyright, and touring. Although music executives work in senior management, a number of music executives have gone on to establish their own record labels as owners themselves, sometimes being involved in the music industry initially as artists, A&Rs, or producers for a number of years and building a strong reputation.

Music executives work in a variety of settings for "major" record labels such as Universal Music Group (part of EMI's recorded music division absorbed into UMG), Sony Music Entertainment (EMI Music Publishing absorbed into Sony/ATV Music Publishing), or Warner Music Group. However, many choose to work with, or start their own independent record labels such as Sub Pop, Mighty Loud Entertainment, Ironworks, Jagjaguwar, or Rock-2-Def Records.

Notable music executives[edit]

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