Music for Earthworms

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Music for Earthworms
Studio album by Aesop Rock
Released 1997
Recorded 1996-1997
Genre Alternative hip hop
Label None, self-released as a CD-R
Producer Aesop Rock
Aesop Rock chronology
Music for Earthworms

Music for Earthworms is American hip hop artist Aesop Rock's debut album. It is available only on CD-R.[citation needed].

Aesop Rock references the album, and its rarity, in his 2002 EP Daylight, track 4, "Alchemy", when Blueprint asks:

"So why they blaming you for the cats that sleep while the earth turns?"

Aesop Rock responds:

"Yeah I had em' up all night praying I'd re-release Music For Earthworms."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Produced by Length
1. "Abandon All Hope"   Dub-L 5:12
2. "Wake Up Call" (featuring Percee P) Dub-L 3:19
3. "The Substance"   Dub-L 5:59
4. "Merit"   Dub-L 4:51
5. "89.9FM Night Train Promo"   Dub-L 2:09
6. "Live on 89.9FM Night Train"   Aesop Rock 5:58
7. "Coward of the Year" (featuring Percee P) Dub-L 4:12
8. "Shere Kahn"   Dub-L 6:35
9. "Antisocial"   Dub-L 4:10
10. "Coordinates"   Aesop Rock 3:22
11. "Plastic Soldiers"   Dub-L 5:18
12. "Troubled Waters"   Aesop Rock 4:50


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