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Logo of Radio 3FM's Serious Request
Glass building, with signs on top and spectators outside
Serious Request house in 2006

Serious Request is a family of annual multi-day, multimedia fundraising events for International Red Cross initiatives, typically hosted by radio stations in the week before Christmas. The project was begun in 2004 by Dutch public pop music radio station 3FM. Serious Request projects have since been adopted in Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Kenya, South Korea, Austria, Latvia and Portugal.

During the Dutch 3FM Serious Request three popular radio DJs live in a small temporary radio studio (the "Glass House") for six days on a juice-only fast. Regular programming on the station is suspended — instead 3FM and its website are completely dedicated to the event. The DJs make an interactive, themed broadcast around the clock, which is also transmitted as a continuous audio and video live-stream. Additionally there is television coverage, integration with social media, and a dedicated mobile app.

The Glass House is placed in a market square in a different city each year. Funds are raised in a few different ways. While the DJs are in residence, they play songs requested by listeners and visitors, in return for their donations. Celebrities and artists also donate personal possessions or performances, which are auctioned off. Straightforward donations are made into the project's bank-account, and by physical visitors depositing cash and cheques into the house's letterbox. Additionally, members of the public run a variety of supporting initiatives, and in some cities more glass houses are popping up.

In the Netherlands most of the national population is reached. The 2012 edition was watched and listened to by 12.1 million people[1] over the age of ten, or 84% of Dutch people in that age group.[2] Overall, 88% of the people were aware of the event.


Overview by country, in order of first adoption[edit]

Country Name Organising station Year and location
 Netherlands Serious Request 3FM Year
Adoption in 2006
 Belgium (Flanders) Music For Life Studio Brussel
 Belgium (Wallonia) Viva For Life RTBF
Adoption in 2007
 Switzerland (French Part) Couleur Terre Couleur 3
 Switzerland (German Part) Jeder Rappen zählt DRS 3 & SF zwei
Adoption in 2008
 Kenya Serious Request Ghetto Radio
 Sweden Musikhjälpen SR P3 & Din gata 100.6
Adoption in 2012
 South Korea Serious Request KBS
Adoption in 2014
 Austria Weihnachtswunder: Wo jeder Wunsch hilft Hitradio Ö3
 Latvia Dod Pieci! Latvijas Radio 5
 Portugal Toca a Todos Antena 3

Request on Tour 2003[edit]

Request on Tour preceded Serious Request. During the last three days of 2003, a "request bus" toured the country to collect money for Villa Pardoes (a resort for children with life-threatening illnesses; part of amusement park the Efteling) by playing requested songs in exchange for donations. A total of €16,000 was collected that year.

Serious Request 2004[edit]

Theme – Jouw druppel op een gloeiende plaat[edit]

DJs Rob Stenders and Ruud de Wild left 3FM in 2004, and were replaced by Giel Beelen and Wouter van der Goes. During the interim, station manager Florent Luyckx considered a change in programming to shore up ratings. When the Beslan school hostage crisis ended, the station wanted to aid the victims and their relatives; however, the humanitarian organisation handling the crisis declined their offer. When the station approached the Red Cross, they were told that help was needed in areas not prominent in the news (such as the situation in Darfur, subject of the first Serious Request Project from 20–24 December 2004. Wouter van der Goes, Claudia de Breij and Giel Beelen lived in the house for five days, airing the appeal 24 hours a day and fasting in solidarity with those in Darfur. The show collected €916,000, and received the 2004–05 Marconi Award for best radio program. That year's theme song was "Galvanize" by the Chemical Brothers.

Serious Request 2005[edit]

Theme – Red een kind in Congo: Save a child in the Congo[edit]

Between 19 and 24 December 2005, another glass house was built at the Neude in Utrecht. That year's DJs were Giel Beelen, Gerard Ekdom and Wouter van der Goes. Money was collected for children in the Republic of the Congo, raising a total of €2,203,549 (including €1,000,000 donated by the Dutch government). The appeal received the 2006 Gouden Radio-Oortje for best radio program of the year. That year's theme was "Multiply" by Jamie Lidell.

Daily totals
Day Amount
1 19 December €53,573
2 20 December €137,877
3 21 December €251,281
4 22 December €414,552
6 24 December €2,203,549

Serious Request 2006[edit]

Theme – 30 miljoen landmijnen, daar kun je niet omheen: You can't ignore 30 million land mines[edit]

Outside of glass house at night
Outside of the 2006 house
Studio with Christmas tree and gold-coloured couch
Inside of the house

From 19–24 December 2006, the third consecutive appeal was held. As in the first two appeals, a glass house was built at the Neude in Utrecht. This time, the project collected money for victims of land mines around the world. Giel Beelen, Gerard Ekdom and Sander Lantinga were chosen by listeners between 4 and 8 December to live in the house; nominees also included Claudia de Breij, Paul Rabbering (nl), Coen Swijnenberg and Michiel Veenstra. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende closed the door on 19 December to begin the appeal, telling the DJs and listeners that the Dutch government would donate another €1,000,000 to the project (as it did in 2005) to match the people's donations.

Daily totals
Day Time Amount
1 19 December 4:30 pm €61,481
2 20 December 4:30 pm €189,935
3 21 December 4:30 pm €353,405
4 22 December 4:30 pm €687,151
6 24 December 5:50 pm €2,648,495*

* Total includes €1,000,000 donation by the Dutch government.

Music for Life (Studio Brussel)[edit]

In addition to 3FM, the Belgian radio station Studio Brussel also participated in the appeal for the first time and DJs from both radio stations occasionally contacted each other. In Belgium, a second glass house was built in Leuven; the DJs living there were Peter Van de Veire, Tomas De Soete and Christophe Lambrecht. After six days €2,419,426 was raised, with €200,000 from the Flemish Government and twice as much from the Federal government; this brought the total for both appeals to €5,067,921.


To raise additional money, a walkathon was organised. DJ Claudia de Breij walked with her sidekick, Hildedepilde (Hilde Brontsema (nl)), from the Belgian to the Dutch house and Otto-Jan Ham (nl) of Studio Brussel did the same in the opposite direction. During the 211-kilometre (131 mi) walk listeners could sponsor the walkers (with a donation per kilometre) or offer them a place to stay the night or something to eat. All left their houses the morning of 19 December, and arrived at their destinations the afternoon of 24 December. De Breij collected €31,511 during her walk.

Theme song[edit]

The DJs named "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratellis the theme song of the appeal. The song became popular, and during the night of 23–24 December it was played six times in four hours by request.

Serious Request 2007[edit]

Theme – De wereld schreeuwt om drinkwater: The world is crying for water[edit]

The 2007 appeal moved to The Hague. The three DJs in the glass house were Gerard Ekdom, Rob Stenders and Michiel Veenstra. Coen Swijnenberg hitchhiked from The Hague to Geneva (via Leuven) and back, carrying a bucket with 15 litres (4.0 US gal) of water. Sander Lantinga and Giel Beelen, occupants of the house the previous year, decided not to enter the voting and were unavailable to be chosen; instead, they volunteered to do tasks or errands for donors.

Safe drinking water was chosen as the cause for 2007. The appeal was opened on 19 December 2007 by Prince Willem-Alexander.[8] The Dutch government announced that instead of donating €1,000,000 (as it had in previous years), it would match the amount of money collected from the public.[9] The theme song for 2007 was "Let's Dance to Joy Division" by The Wombats.

Daily totals
Day Time Amount
1 19 December 4:45 pm €102,360
2 20 December 4:45 pm €248,982
3 21 December 4:35 pm €476,337
4 22 December 4:35 pm €842,243
6 24 December 7:40 pm €5,249,466

*Total includes match by the Dutch government

Music For Life[edit]

Studio Brussel again participated in the appeal. From the Martelarenplein in Leuven, DJs Peter Van de Veire, Tomas De Soete and Siska Schoeters, collected €3,649,595 from Belgian listeners (including €1,300,000 from the Flemish government). DJ Otto-jan Ham was scheduled to leave Leuven without money, travelling to The Hague and Geneva carrying a bucket of water without spilling any.

In conjunction with the event, a ship left Essen (Germany) with a 20,000-litre pool aboard. En route 10 swimmers took turns swimming for 24 hours (the length of the trip), raising €14,000.

Switzerland: Couleur Terre (Couleur 3)[edit]

Swiss radio station Couleur 3 in Geneva joined the appeal; its glass house was located on the rue de la Rôtisserie. In its first year, it collected CHF 400,000 (about €151,000) by playing requests. DJs Yann Zitouni, Émilie Gasc-Milesi and Michel Ndeze hosted six full days of the appeal.

Serious Request 2008[edit]

The Netherlands (Een vluchteling is nergens zonder jouw hulp: Without your aid, a refugee is helpless.)[edit]

Glass House in Breda

For the 2008 Serious Request the glass house was located on the Grote Markt in Breda, inhabited by DJs Giel Beelen, Coen Swijnenberg and Paul Rabbering. The proceeds were directed to help refugees around the world.[10] The Dutch government promised to match donations up to €2.5 million. The theme song, chosen by the DJs, was "Verliefdheid" by Dutch singer Jordy van Loon.

Daily totals
Day Time Amount
1 19 December 4:55 pm €140,523
2 20 December 4:40 pm €327,709
3 21 December 4:35 pm €595,480
4 22 December 4:40 pm €847,223
5 23 December 4:45 pm €1,377,338
6 24 December 8:21 pm €3,137,961

Music for Life 2008[edit]

Belgian broadcaster VRT also set up a glass house in Ghent. DJs Siska Schoeters, Sofie Lemaire and Tomas de Soete of Studio Brussel lived in the house from 19–24 December. In an event, "Bed on the Run", DJs Linde Merckpoel and Sam de Bruyn hitchhiked from Malmö to Ghent with an IKEA bed.[clarification needed]

Musikhjälpen (Sveriges Radio P3)[edit]

Sweden participated for the first time, with its glass house in Malmö; the appeal was called Musikhjälpen ("Music Aid"). Due to Swedish Christmas celebrations, the appeal began one week earlier. The appeal aired 24 hours daily on SR P3 and Din Gata 100.6; SVT Play and SVT2 aired the appeal on a time-permitting basis. Hosts were Kitty Jutbring, Henrik Torehammar and Ehsan Noroozi. Guests during the six-day marathon included rap artist Timbuktu, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen and the Swedish national ice-hockey team.[12] The theme was refugees ("67 miljoner flyktingar behöver din hjälp") and the appeal raised a total of 3,016,247 kronor (about €280,000).[13]

Africa (Ghetto Radio, Nairobi)[edit]

Glass building with red-and-white sign and three people in front
Glass house, Nairobi

With the participation of Ghetto Radio, 89.5 FM in Nairobi,[14] Serious Request was held in Kenya with the slogan "On the run, not outta sight". This was the first time the event was held in Africa. The Nairobi glass house was located on the grounds of the Kenyatta International Conference Centre; the three presenters were Angel,[15] Rapcha (also known as "the sayantist")[16] and Muki Garang.[17] Live streaming footage of the event featured on the "This Is Africa" website (part of the Pan-African Ghetto Radio Foundation).[18]

Serious Request 2009[edit]

The Netherlands: "Stop Malaria, Play the Music"[edit]

Glass house with sign and spectators, in front of city hall
Glass House in front of Groningen city hall, 2009

The 2009 location for Serious Request was Groningen. DJs Giel Beelen, Gerard Ekdom and Annemieke Schollaardt lived in the glass house. The year's fundraising subject was malaria. The house was closed by Princess Máxima on 18 December. VanVelzen's keyboard, as well as autographed shirts from members of AFC Ajax and FC Groningen were auctioned, and every night a guest stayed for one night.

Daily totals
Day Time Amount Guest
1 19 December 4:53 pm €244,668 Thomas Acda
2 20 December 4:52 pm €428,629 Do
3 21 December 4:52 pm €706,174 Youp van 't Hek
4 22 December 4:53 pm €1,058,594 VanVelzen
5 23 December 4:53 pm €1,740,302 Angela Groothuizen
6 24 December 8:20 pm €7,113,447[19] Waylon
Music for Life house 2009, Ghent

Studio Brussel[edit]

Studio Brussel again located its glass house in Ghent and the DJs weare Siska Schoeters, Sam Debruyn and Sofie Lemaire. It raised €3,649,595 (€1,300,000 from the federal and Flemish governments and €2,349,595 from listeners).

Switzerland: Jeder Rappen zählt[edit]

In 2009, an appeal with the slogan Jeder Rappen zählt ("every rappen counts") was held for the first time in Bern, aimed at German-speaking Switzerland. In total, CHF 9.2 million was raised.

Sweden: Musikhjälpen[edit]

Musikhjälpen 2009[20] was held from 14–20 December in Gothenburg. The appeal was again broadcast around the clock on the Internet at SVT Play and on SR P3, and telecast (time permitting) on SVT2. Hosts were Ametist Azordegan, Christer Lundberg and Jason Diakité (Timbuktu). The them of the 144-hour show was to stop malaria ("Din musik stoppar malaria") and it raised a total of 5,748,442 SEK (approximately €530,000).[13]


The glass house in Nairobi was hit by a tropical rainstorm on 23 December, and the broadcast on Ghetto Radio was halted.


The Netherlands: "AIDS took their parents; give them their future"[edit]

The 2010 location for Serious Request was Eindhoven. DJs Giel Beelen, Gerard Ekdom and Coen Swijnenberg hosted the appeal. Its theme was AIDS orphans. The Dutch government did not donate because of a stricter budgetary policy; however, many companies and Netherlanders made up the difference and exceeded the old record by several thousand euro. The theme song was BLØF's "Wijd Open" ("Wide Open"), and the most requested song was Martin Solveig's "Hello".

Daily totals
Day Time Amount
1 19 December 8:30 pm €273,745
2 20 December 8:30 pm €494,024
3 21 December 8:30 pm €1,004,986
4 22 December 8:30 pm €1,755,088
5 23 December 8:30 pm €3,128,049
6 24 December 8:30 pm €7,135,707

Studio Brussel[edit]

As in past years Studio Brussel organised Music For Life, siting the glass house on the Groenplaats in Antwerp. The DJs that year were Sofie Lemaire, Sam Debruyn and Tomas De Soete. The appeal was announced on 1 December, World AIDS Day. Bands were invited to play on the roof each evening, the best-known of which was the Editors.

Switzerland: Jeder Rappen zählt[edit]

The appeal in German-speaking Switzerland, Jeder Rappen zählt ("every rappen counts"), helped children in war zones and raised €5,251,835.92. Radio station DRS 3 located the glass house again in Bern. The DJs were Nik Hartmann, Anic Lautenschlager and Tom Gisler. Samih Sawiris added 20 percent to the total from his Sawiris Foundation.


Glass house with brown sign and four people in yellow T-shirts in front
Glass house in Kenya, 2010

The 2010 Kenyan appeal by Ghetto Radio sited its glass house opposite the Hilton Nairobi. Instead of raising money, listeners were encouraged to be tested for HIV.

Sweden: Musikhjälpen[edit]

Musikhjälpen 2010[20] was held from 13–19 December in Malmö. Its theme was the fight against the trafficking of children ("Barn är inte till salu"). The appeal was again broadcast continuously on the Internet at SVT Play and SR P3 radio and time-permitting on SVT2 TV. Its hosts were Martina Thun, Jason Diakité (Timbuktu) and Nour El-Refai.[13] By the morning of 18 December, the previous year's record of 5,748,442 SEK (about €530,000) was broken.

Country Slogan Results Remarks
 Belgium Music For Life €5,020,747 18–24 December
 Netherlands Serious Request €7,135,707 18–24 December
 Sweden Musikhjälpen 12,236,417 SEK (€1,358,032) 13–19 December
 Switzerland Jeder Rappen zählt 8,996,326 CHF (€6,998,532) Held the previous week
 Kenya Serious Request 2,141 people tested for HIV
Total €20,513,018


The Netherlands: This One's for Mama[edit]

Serious Request house in Leiden

With the announcement of the location for Serious Request 2010, the station also announced the location of the 2011 appeal (Leiden). That year, the glass house floated on water.

Daily totals
Day Time Amount Guest
1 19 December 4:50 pm €295,382 Krystl
2 20 December 4:50 pm €662,858 Jörgen Raymann
3 21 December 4:50 pm €1,203,941 Irene Moors
4 22 December 4:50 pm €1,972,140 Britt Dekker
5 23 December 4:50 pm €3,581,305 Jan Kooijman
6 24 December 21:50 €8,621,004 Waylon

Sweden: Musikhjälpen[edit]

Musikhjälpen 2011 was held from 12–18 December in Gothenburg. Its theme was education for girls ("Alla flickor har rätt att gå i skolan"). The appeal was again broadcast continuously on the Internet at SVT Play and SR P3 radio and time-permitting on SVT2 TV. Its hosts were Jason Diakité (Timbuktu), Kodjo Akolor and Gina Dirawi.[13]

Flanders and Switzerland also had glass houses for different causes.

Music for Life house, 2011, Ghent
Country Slogan Results Remarks
 Belgium (Flanders) Music For Life €7,142,716 Proceeds to combat diarrhoea in children
 Netherlands This One's for Mama €8,621,004 Proceeds to help mothers affected by war
 Sweden Musikhjälpen
("Music Aid")
18.104.362 SEK (€2,004,490.97) Held one week earlier; proceeds to aid education for girls
 Switzerland Jeder Rappen zählt
("Every penny counts")
€5,157,566.71 Held one week earlier; proceeds to aid mothers in distress
 Kenya Serious Request Participates in solidarity; encourages the population to donate blood
Total €22,555,748.51

Serious Request 2012[edit]

Kenya: Vote4Peace Vote4Kenya[edit]

In 2012 three Ghetto Radio DJs were locked in a "glass house" in central Nairobi, going six days without food while broadcasting non-stop to promote peaceful voting, ahead of the East African country's elections on March 4, 2013. From 19-24 December DJs Mbusii, Solloo and Essie went six days without food to advocate peaceful elections in Kenya — the first vote since the disputed elections in 2007, when violence engulfed the country leaving more than 1,000 people dead and 350,000 displaced, according to the Kenya Red Cross, and the country was nearly torn apart.[21][22]

South Korea[edit]

For the first time, Serious Request was held in Seoul from 30 Nov. to 2 Dec. 2012. The appeal raised 411,634,460 (about €293,000) for the same goal as The Netherlands'. This benefit-event was organized by the Korean Red Cross in close collaboration with the public media, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)(Korean: 한국 방송 공사, Hanguk Bangsong Gongsa), which is a South Korean radio and television network, founded in 1927.

This benefit-event was aimed at helping those most in need in South Korea by publicizing the newly launched nation-wide campaign, Windmill of Hope(Korean: 희망풍차, Heemang-Poongcha). The Windmill of hope was created by the Korean Red Cross to provide customized integrated human services for the four major vulnerable groups(children the elderly, multicultural families and North Korean settlers) by directly connecting them with Red Cross volunteers and provided emergency livelihood support(housing, medical and educational) for families in crisis. Thus, this benefit-event was named as "Windmill of Hope SR".

The Netherlands: "Let's hear it for the babies"[edit]

Glass house with many spectators, next to a tall clock tower
Dutch dj's with the final cheque.

The glass house was in Enschede, and the goal was to reduce infant mortality. The host DJs were Giel Beelen, Gerard Ekdom and Michiel Veenstra.

Daily totals
Day Time Amount Guest
1 18 December 8:30 pm Frans Bauer
1 19 December 8:30 pm €910,608 Gers Pardoel
2 20 December 8:30 pm €1,752,907 VanVelzen
3 21 December 8:30 pm €2,958,873 Miss Montreal
4 22 December 8:30 pm €4,292,293 Johnny de Mol
5 23 December 8:30 pm €6,142,180 Ilse DeLange
6 24 December 5:50 pm €8,477,429
6 24 December 9:30 pm €12,251,667

Sweden: Musikhjälpen[edit]

Musikhjälpen 2012 was held from 10–16 December in Malmö. Its theme was the right to clean water for children living in the slums ("Barnen i slummen har rätt till rent vatten"). The appeal was again broadcast continuously on the Internet at SVT Play and SR P3 radio and time-permitting on SVT2 TV. Once again its hosts were Jason Diakité (Timbuktu), Kodjo Akolor and Gina Dirawi. The show gathered 23.301.823 SEK.[13]

Serious Request 2013[edit]

South Korea[edit]

The 2013 edition again had a glass house in Seoul, but the time-frame was moved to a 72 hour period from December 21st to Christmas eve, and the house was an all new 6 metre cube, built to a design donated by Studio Gaon architects company.[23] The appeal raised 1.5 billion (ca. €1.1 million).

Netherlands: Let's Clean This Shit Up (Campaign against child death from diarrhea)[edit]

Paul Rabbering (nl) at Serious Request 2013

In 2013, radio 3FM was broadcasting from Leeuwarden from 18 to 24 December with DJs Giel Beelen, Paul Rabbering and Coen Swijnenberg. Dutch gymnast and olympic champion Epke Zonderland symbolically locked the door, accompanied by a performance of Bastille.

A special theme song for the edition was launched by Dutch band Racoon, titled Shoes of Lightning.

For eleven days prior to the official broadcasts, i.e. from 7 to 17 December 2013, DJs and so-called "rayonhoofden" ("district heads") traveled throughout the country under the title "Elfprovinciëntocht" ("Eleven provinces tour", referring to the Elfstedentocht). Each day a different province was being called at. The locations were, in order of visits: Utrecht, Drenthe, Zeeland, Overijssel, Limburg, Zuid-Holland, Groningen, Flevoland, Noord-Holland, Gelderland and Noord-Brabant.

Daily totals
Day Time Amount Guest
1 19 December 8:30 pm €1,039,011 Anna Drijver
2 20 December 8:30 pm €2,343,631 Jan Smit
3 21 December 8:30 pm €3,054,689 Dennis Weening
4 22 December 8:22 pm €4,328,242 Geraldine Kemper
5 23 December 8:20 pm €6,232,307 Jacqueline Govaert and Laura Jansen
6 24 December 5:50 pm €8,629,802 André Kuipers
6 24 December 8:08 pm € > 10.000.000
6 24 December 9:27 pm €12,302,747

Sweden: Musikhjälpen[edit]

Musikhjälpen 2013 was held from 9–15 December in Gothenburg. Its theme was girls right to safe pregnancys ("Alla tjejers rätt att överleva sin graviditet"). The appeal was again broadcast continuously on the Internet at SVT Play and SR P3 radio and time-permitting on SVT2 TV. Its hosts were Kodjo Akolor, Sarah Dawn Finer and Emma Knyckare. The show gathered 28.426.046 SEK.[13]

Switzerland: Jeder Rappen zählt[edit]

The appeal in German-speaking Switzerland, Jeder Rappen zählt ("every rappen counts"), helped children in slums and raised €1,807,519. Radio station DRS 3 changed the concept and stays the first 2 days in the radio station in Zurich and then get's on tour to Basel, Aarau, St. Gallen without the known glass house.

Serious Request 2014[edit]

Netherlands: Hands Off Our Girls (Campaign to raise awareness of girls and women who are victims of sexual violence in conflict)[edit]

"Hands Off Our Girls" 2014 takes place 18-24 December in Haarlem on the Grote Markt sponsored by 3FM. The Glass House features DJs Coen Swijnenberg, Gerard Ekdom and Domien Verschuuren living in the house for 6 days, broadcasting nonstop to raise donations and awareness. 80,000 to 100,000 visitors are expected to reach Haarlem each day for the event. [24]
Although the glass house already featured two letterboxes for donations, waiting times for people standing in line to deposit were still unacceptably long, so a third letterbox was fitted during the event.[25]

3FM Serious Request 2014 in Haarlem: Hands Off Our Girls

British singer Ed Sheeran donated a gold record earned for Dutch record-sales to be auctioned for the cause,[26] as well as Irish singer Hozier who donated his platinum single award for Take Me to Church. Also the mystery artist Gary Fomdeck has announced that the revenue of his christmas song I'll Be There This Christmas shall be donated to Serious Request.

Daily totals
Day Time Amount Guest
1 19 December 8:30 pm €1.125.334 Guus Meeuwis
2 20 December 8:30 pm € 2.402.675 Jacqueline Govaert
3 21 December 8:30 pm € 3.218.294 Johnny de Mol
4 22 December 8:30 pm € 4.588.750 Nick & Simon
5 23 December 8:20 pm € 6.301.612 Kensington
6 24 December 9:34 pm €12.380.438 Jett Rebel

Sweden: Musikhjälpen[edit]

Musikhjälpen 2014 took place 8–14 December and for the first time the glass house was situated in Uppsala. Its theme was to stop the spreading of HIV/AIDS ("Hjälp oss att stoppa spridningen av hiv"). The appeal was again broadcast continuously on the Internet at SVT Play and SR P3 radio and time-permitting on SVT2 TV. Its hosts were Kodjo Akolor, singer Linnea Henriksson and rapper Petter Askergren. The show gathered a record-breaking 30.489.975 SEK.[13]


Toca a Todos 2014 took place between 8 PM on December 3 and 9 PM on December 6 in Praça do Comércio, Lisbon, promoted by Antena 3 and its mother-company RTP, the Portuguese public broadcasting corporation. Fight against child poverty was chosen as theme for this first edition in Portugal. "Asas Delta", by Portuguese band Clã, served as the anthem.[27] Ana Galvão, Diogo Beja and Joana Marques, from Antena 3, hosted the 73-hour long radio broadcast which included several musical showcases inside the glass studio, short interviews with musicians, actors, well-known personalities and representatives from several organizations, and live concerts on a stage just across the square.[28] Cable television providers set-up channels for a simultaneous video broadcast from the glass studio. RTP1, the company's flagship television channel, also transmitted many live reports during the 3-day period. The initiative managed to fundraise 410.000 euros[7] to be delivered to the official partner Cáritas Portuguesa.

Dominique Rinderknecht and Reto Scherrer - Jeder Rappen Zählt 2014

Latvia: Dod Pieci![edit]

"Dod Pieci!" 2014 takes place 17-23 December in Riga. It's theme is to remind the youth about the lonely seniors in the country. The event will be streamed live on the internet, Latvijas Radio 5 (aka and LTV. The hosts will be Latvijas Radio 5 DJ's Toms Grēviņš, Magnuss Eriņš and Kaspars Mauriņš.

Switzerland: Jeder Rappen Zählt[edit]

Jeder Rappen zählt ("every rappen counts") returns this year with the proofed concept to Lucerne to helped fleeing families. The concept is the same as in the years 2012 and earlier, where three radio hosts stay for a whole week and make 24h live radio.

Serious Request 2015[edit]


On December 6, 2014, when closing that year's edition of Toca a Todos, it was announced that the initiative would return in 2015 to raise funds against domestic violence.[7]

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  2. ^ In 2013 and 2014 Music For Life evolved more into its own formula. Although still a radio-centric fundraising event hosted by three radio-DJs during the week prior to Christmas, the broadcast came from an open air winter campsite studio village, and was no longer tied to the Red Cross. Instead listeners could donate to hundreds of selected causes.


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