Music for Piano and Drums

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Music for Piano and Drums
Studio album by Moraz and Bruford
Released 1983
Recorded October 1983
Genre Progressive rock, Jazz, Jam music
Length 43:23

E.G. Records

CD issued by Winterfold Records
Producer Bill Bruford & Patrick Moraz
Moraz and Bruford chronology
Music for Piano and Drums

Music for Piano and Drums is a 1983 album by the duo Moraz and Bruford. Keyboardist Patrick Moraz and drummer Bill Bruford had both previously been members of the progressive rock band Yes, though not at the same time. During the recording of this album, Moraz was a member of The Moody Blues, while Bruford was still active in King Crimson. The album features eight instrumental works played entirely on an acoustic drum kit and grand piano.

Track listing[edit]

Side One

  1. "Children's Concerto" (Moraz) - 4:54
  2. "Living Space" (Moraz/Bruford) - 3:53
  3. "Any Suggestions" (Moraz/Bruford) - 5:39
  4. "Eastern Sundays" (Moraz) - 6:48

Side Two

  1. "Blue Brains" (Moraz) - 4:49
  2. "Symmetry" (Moraz) - 3:42
  3. "Galatea" (Moraz) - 5:22
  4. "Hazy" (Moraz) - 6:25


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