Music in the Tuileries

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Music in the Tuileries
MANET - Música en las Tullerías (National Gallery, Londres, 1862).jpg
Artist Édouard Manet
Year 1862
Type Oil on canvas
Location The Hugh Lane[1], Dublin

Music in the Tuileries is a painting by Édouard Manet which hangs in the The Hugh Lane, Dublin.[1]

It is an early example of Manet's painterly style, inspired by Frans Hals and Diego Velázquez, and it is a harbinger of his lifelong interest in the subject of leisure.

While the picture was not regarded as finished by some,[2] the suggested atmosphere imparts a sense of what the Tuileries gardens were like at the time; one may imagine the music and conversation.

Here Manet has depicted his friends, artists, authors, and musicians who take part, and he has included a self-portrait among the subjects. Included in the image are Manet himself, Charles Baudelaire, Théophile Gautier, Henri Fantin-Latour, Jacques Offenbach, and Manet's brother Eugène.[3]


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