Music of Limousin

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Charts SNEP
Festivals Aix-en-Provence - Bourges - Eurockéennes - Francofolies - Hellfest - Interceltique - Rock en Seine - Vieilles Charrues
National anthem "La Marseillaise"
Regional music
Auvergne - Aquitaine - Brittany - Burgundy - Corsica - Gascony - Limousin
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French Polynesia and Tahiti - Guadeloupe - Guiana - Martinique - New Caledonia - Réunion

The best known musician from the Occitan region of Limousin is probably the piper Eric Montbel, a former member of such bands as Lo Jai, Le Grand Rouge, and Ulysse; he plays the chabreta, or Limousin bagpipe. Along with him and other pipers, the region is known for Corrèze's distinct violin tradition as well as the hurdy gurdy. The fife is also popular

List of performers[edit]