Music of San Marino

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San Marino is a small and ancient country located within the territory of Italy, though it is a sovereign state. The country and its culture are now tourist attractions, though its musical heritage is long and varied. In the 17th century, composers like Francesco Maria Marini di Pesaro wrote some of the finest pieces of the era. The best-known 20th-century Sammarinese composer appears to be Cesare Franchini Tassini (1925–2010).

Since 1894, a wordless composition by Federico Consolo has been the national anthem of San Marino. The piece is based on a 10th-century choral composition.[1] The previous anthem was by Aur. Muccioli and U. Balsimelli, and is similar to the Italian national anthem.[2]

The modern military forces of San Marino parade through the streets in full uniform several times a day, accompanied by the sounds of a military brass band.[3]