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This article is about Swedish radio and television campaign. For general campaign as Serious Request on Dutch 3EM station and other stations, see Serious Request.

Musikhjälpen (Music Aid or Music Help) is the Swedish version of the Serious Request that broadcasts on Dutch radio/television. The show is an appeal for money which each year helps a certain cause. A number of radio or television personalities are locked inside a glass house and they run broadcasts from there broadcast live on major radio stations. Part of the activities are also broadcast on television through SVT. People send text messages requesting a song, with each text costing 50 Swedish kronor (€ 5.60; US$7.70, as of December 2013).

Gina Dirawi in the Musikhjälpen house in 2011

Musikhjälpen 2008[edit]

Theme – 67 miljoner flyktingar behöver din hjälp (67 million refugees need your help)
Musikhjälpen-house in Malmö 2008.

2008 was the first year that Sweden participated with SVT Sveriges Radio and Radiohjälpen as main organizers. Each year since the show has been held and broadcast as Musikhjälpen.[1]

The glass house this year stood at Gustaf Adolfs torg in Malmö during 13–19 December. During this time the show was broadcast around the clock at Sveriges Radio P3, Din gata 100,6 and SVT2 at certain times during the day. Hosts for the show were Kitty Jutbring, Henrik Torehammar and Ehsan Noroozi.[1] Every day a half-hour special show Musikhjälpen: Extra was hosted by Fredrik Ekelund and Charlotte Lundgren were they summarized what had happened during the day. Singer Jason Diakité (also known by his stage name Timbuktu) was reporter and traveled a month before Musikhjälpen to Congo and met refugees and took part in the help organizations work at the location. Altogether, Musikhjälpen gathered in its first year 3,016,247 SEK to help organizations.[2]

Musikhjälpen 2009[edit]

Theme – Din musik stoppar malaria (Your music stops malaria)
Musikhjälpen-house in Gothenburg 2009.

In 2009, the Musikhjälpen glass house stood at Avenyn in Gothenburg between 14–20 December. The theme for this year was malaria and as in 2008 the show was broadcast live around the clock at Sveriges Radio P3 and on SVT Play at certain times. Hosts this year were Ametist Azordegan, Christer Lundberg and Jason Diakité (aka Timbuktu) who all got locked into the glass house by singer Alice Cooper.[3] Traveling reporters this year were Ehsan Noroozi and Kitty Jutbring. Musikhjälpen Extra host this year was Mela Tesfazion. 5,748,442 SEK was collected this year and it was 2.3 million more than in 2008.[3]

On 7 January 2010, it was revealed that the project that been defrauded during twenty minutes the night to 20 December. The number shown in the television screens which showed how to wish for songs and give money had been changed.[4] No money was ever given to the fake number and no arrests were ever made.

Musikhjälpen 2010[edit]

Theme – Barn är inte till salu (Children are not for sale)

In 2010, the glass house was located in Malmö for a second time in three years. Jason Diakité (Timbuktu) hosted yet again along with Martina Thun and Nour El-Refai.[5] Ametist Azordegan and Christer Lundberg were traveling reporters this year and this year's theme was trafficking of children. The show was broadcast as usual on Sveriges Radio P3 and SVT Play, and at times on SVT during 13–19 December. At 18 December last year's record of collecting money had already been broken with 5.7 million SEK. When the show was over 12,236,417 SEK had been collected to help victims of trafficking.[6]

Musikhjälpen 2011[edit]

Theme – Alla flickor har rätt att gå i skolan (All girls have the right to go to school)
Musikhjälpen-house at Gustaf Adolfs Torg in Gothenburg 2011.

In 2011, the glass house was located in Gothenburg for the second time in 4 years. This time, it was at Gustaf Adolfs torg. For the third time in a row, Jason Diakité hosted the show along with Gina Dirawi and Kodjo Akolor. The theme for this year was that all the girls in the world should have the right to go to school and study.[7] Traveling reporters for this year were Klara Zimmergren and Daniel Adams-Ray, who visited Ethiopia.[8] The show this year was held on 12–18 December.[9]

264 auctions were held which gave 2.1 million SEK. Amongst the auction items was Michael Jackson's platinum record for his Thriller.[10] A total of 18,104,362 SEK was collected.[11]

Musikhjälpen 2012[edit]

Theme – Barnen i slummen har rätt till rent vatten (Slum children have the right to clean water)

Malmö hosted the event which lasted from 10 to 16 December. This was the third time that Malmö was the host city of Musikhjälpen.[12] For the second year in a row, Jason Diakité (Timbuktu), Kodjo Akolor and Gina Dirawi were the hosts of the Musikhjälpen and were locked inside the glass house.[13] This became Timbuktu's fourth year as a host for the show. This year a total of 135,000 song wishes were recorded.[14] 23,301,823 SEK was collected this year - a new record number.

Filip and Fredrik auctioned themselves of as receptionists which gave 221,100 SEK.[15][16]

Musikhjälpen 2013[edit]

Theme – Alla tjejer har rätt att överleva sin graviditet (All girls have the right to survive a pregnancy)

Musikhjälpen was held in Gothenburg during 9–15 December 2013. This was the third time that Gothenburg was the host city of Musikhjälpen. The show was broadcast yet again from Gustaf Adolfs torg and this year the money was used to help pregnant girls in poorer countries.[17]

The show's hosts were Kodjo Akolor, Sarah Dawn Finer and Emma Knyckare.[18][19][20]

For the first time since 2009 Musikhjälpen Extra was held every evening and was hosted by Sofia Rågenklint. This year's traveling reporters were Bianca Kronlöf and Robin Olin who traveled to Bangladesh to give daily live reports from the country.[21] It was the first time that the traveling reporters were at the foreign location live throughout Musikhjälpen's broadcast to give live reports.

28,426,046 SEK was collected this year.[22][20]


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