Muslim Town, Lahore

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Muslim Town

Muslim Town is town in Lahore, Pakistan. It is located on the bank of Lahore Canal. Its administration is Iqbal Town. It was established on the banks of the canal in the 1920s and 1930s by Khan Sahib Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain on his personal property as the first planned Muslim housing scheme in Lahore in response to the "Hindu-only" housing schemes like Krishan Nagar and Model Town. He made his own residence calling it as Al-Firdos and of his daughter Safia Begum as Al-Koser. Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain was graduate of the Lahore Medical School (predecessor of the King Edward Medical University) and also Chief Chemical Examiner of Punjab. Dr. Hussain also founded the Syed Muhammad Hussain TB Sanatorium in Samli in the Murree Hills that was inaugurated by Lord & Lady Linlithgow, Viceroy of India. He donated that to the government as well as the Daulat Begum Library, named after his wife. Safia Begum started the English School for Muslim Children and hired Mrs. Lewis, an English Lady as Principal and herself became the Headmistress in the 1930s imparting modern education to many. The school continued for about 15 years before being wound up around partition in 1947. Later she and her daughter in law Sarwat Imtiaz constructed the Syed Imtiaz Hussain Ward at the Samli Hospital in memory of late Syed Imtiaz Hussain. Incidently Sarwat Imtiaz Begum became the first ever female Village Head (Chak 43/12-L, Chichawatni, District Montgomery (now Sahiwal))in West Pakistan on the demise of her husband Syed Imtiaz Hussain in 1959. Famous early settlers besides Dr Muhammad Hussain's immediate family that included Khan Bahadur Mahmud Shah, Safia Begum, Colonel B.H. Sayed, and Syed Altaf Hussain were: Adus'Salam Khursheed (writer), Siddique Salik (writer), Maulana Muhammad Ali (Translator of Holy Quran), the Faruqi family (Bureaucrats),Col (Rtd) Amjad Hussain (Army Officer/Freedom Fighter), Syed Shabbir Hussain Shah (Novelist/writer), Malika Pukhraj (Singer), Faqir Syed Aijazuddin,and Sabiha Khanum (Actor), Santosh Kumar (Actor), Nayyar Sultana (Actor),Darpan (Actor), Agha Taalash (Actor), Ustad Allah Bakhsh (Painter) and many more. [1]


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