Mustafa Mahmud al-Umari

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Mustafa Mahmood Al-Umari (also Mustafa Mahmood Al-Omari)
Mustafa al-Umari.jpg
37th Prime Minister of Iraq
In office
July 12, 1952 – November 23, 1953
Monarch Faisal II
Preceded by Nuri Al-Said
Succeeded by Nureddin Mahmud
Personal details
Born 1894
Mosul, Iraq
Died 1962
London, UK
Nationality Iraqi
Children Muayed, Muwafaq, Mukarram, Widad, Dhuka

Mustafa Mahmood Al-Umari (also Mustafa Mahmood Al-Omari) (Arabic: مصطفى محمود العمري, born 1894, died 1962 age 68[1]) from Mosul, Iraq (Sunni-Arab) who became an Iraqi statesman. He served as prime minister from 9 July 1952 until 22 November 1952. He was appointed by King Faisal II's regent 'Abd al-Ilāh after nationwide protests against the government. Starting out as an attorney and civil servant, he served many posts including Minister of Interior and Minister of Justice. He was also a provincial Governor and Senator in Parliament. After the 1958 revolution against the Monarchy, he left the political scene. Being an independent, he was not associated with many of the royalists or partisans who were jailed or executed in the aftermath of the revolution. He later left to the UK for medical treatment and died there. He was later buried in the Al-Omari waqf cemetery in Mosul, Iraq.[2]