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Mustafa Reshiti or Mustafa Reshit Pasha Bushati, (d.1860) was an Albanian Ottoman Pasha and a noble of the Bushati family in Ottoman controlled Albania. In 1810 he succeeded Ibrahim Bushati and ruled Shkodra until 1831.

Mustafa Reshiti supported the forces of Hursid Pasha that eventually crushed the First Serbian Uprising under Karađorđe Petrović in 1813. Mustafa Reshiti also made efforts to support Albanian units in Greece during the turmoil that followed after the deposition of Ali Pasha. He was suspected to have aided the Janissary and was forcibly removed from power by Sultan Mahmud II, because of his alleged rebellion against the Turkish Reforms.

Later he was appointed the Wali of Medina where he ruled until 1860.

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Preceded by
Ibrahim Bushati
Pasha of Scutari
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