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For other places with the same name, see Alexandra Park railway station.
Muswell Hill
Extract of 1900 Map showing Edgware Highgate and London Railway.png
Edgware Highgate & London Railway, 1900
Muswell Hill is located in Greater London
Muswell Hill
Muswell Hill
Location of Muswell Hill in Greater London
Place Muswell Hill
Local authority Haringey
Platforms 2
Original company Edgware, Highgate and London Railway
Pre-grouping Great Northern Railway
Post-grouping LNER
24 May 1873 Opened as Alexandra Park (Muswell Hill)[1]
1 August 1873 Closed[1]
1 May 1875 Reopened and renames as Muswell Hill[1][2]
1 December 1930 Closed [2]
July 1932 Reopened
29 October 1951 Closed
7 January 1952 Reopened
Portal icon London Transport portalCoordinates: 51°35′27″N 0°08′26″W / 51.5909°N 0.1406°W / 51.5909; -0.1406

Muswell Hill railway station was in Muswell Hill in North London, just north of the junction of Muswell Hill and Muswell Hill Place. Nothing remains of the station; Muswell Hill Primary School occupies its former site.


The Muswell Hill Railway (MHR) opened the station on 24 May 1873 as the intermediate station on its line from the Great Northern Railway (GNR) station at Highgate to Alexandra Palace station to coincide with the opening of Alexandra Palace. The station name, originally "Alexandra Park (Muswell Hill)", was changed to the final form in 1875. The other intermediate station on the line, Cranley Gardens, did not open until 1902. In 1911 the line was taken over by the GNR. The 1921 Railways Act created the Big Four railway companies, and in 1923 the line became part of the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER).

Unfulfilled plans[edit]

In 1935 London Underground planned, as part of its "New Works Programme", to take over the line from LNER together with the LNER's routes from Finsbury Park to Edgware and High Barnet, modernise it for use with electric trains and amalgamate it with the Northern line.

Works to modernise the track began in the late 1930s and were well advanced when they were interrupted by the Second World War. Works were completed from Highgate to High Barnet and Mill Hill East and that section was incorporated into the Northern line between 1939 and 1941. Further works on the section between Highgate and Alexandra Palace were postponed and the line continued under the operation of the LNER. Because of wartime economies services were reduced to rush hours only, so that after the war the dwindling passenger numbers and a shortage of funds led to the cancellation of the unfinished works in 1950 and passenger services to Muswell Hill station were ended by British Railways on 3 July 1954 along with the rest of the line between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace.

The line was used for goods until complete closure on 18 May 1957. The track was subsequently removed and the platforms and station buildings were demolished. The track bed between Muswell Hill and Finsbury Park is now a Parkland walk.

Abandoned Works/Former Services
Preceding station Historical railways Following station
  Former Services  
Alexandra Palace   EH&LR
Alexandra Palace Line
  Cranley Gardens
  Abandoned Northern Heights Extension  
Preceding station   Underground no-text.svg London Underground   Following station
Northern line
towards Moorgate



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