Mutant Aliens

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Mutant Aliens
Mutant Aliens.jpg
Directed by Bill Plympton
Produced by Bill Plympton
Written by Bill Plympton
Starring Dan McComas
Francine Lobis
George Casden
Matthew Brown
Jay Cavanaugh
Amy Allison
Christopher Schukai
Kevin Kolack
Vera Beren
Bill Plympton
Music by Hank Bones
Maureen McElheron
Cinematography John Donnelly
Edited by Anthony Arcidi
Release dates
  • 2001 (2001)
Running time
81 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Mutant Aliens is a 2001 animated science-fiction-comedy film by American filmmaker Bill Plympton. The film is more or less a spoof of B monster movies, featuring Plympton's own distinctive animation style and gratuitous sex and violence.

Mutant Aliens tells the story of an American astronaut, Earl Jensen, who is stranded in space intentionally by the head of the Department of Space. Years later, he manages to return to Earth. To gain the people's trust, he tells a touching story of the time he has spent on a planet of mutant aliens. Most of the aliens in this story are oversized human body parts. It is later revealed that Jensen has really spent his time in space crossbreeding animals to create an army of mutants, in order to exact his revenge on the corrupt Department of Space head. Mutant Aliens has shown at a number of animation festivals, but has never had a wide theatrical release.

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