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Muthathi in Sept
Kaveri river at Muthathi
Kaveri river and sand dunes at Muthathi,Karnataka,India

Muthathi (or Muttatti) is a settlement situated on the banks of the Kaveri river near Malavalli in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is surrounded by a dense forest which is the home of the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary. The location has associations with Sita (the wife of Rama) and Anjaneya (a Hindu deity), and there is a small temple dedicated to Anjaneya near the town. This well connected hilly place is accessible from Bangalore through direct bus/private vehicles.


There is a temple devoted to Anjaneya or Hanuman and it attracts large number of rural people. The place is full of people wandering in this small village.

Special Food[edit]

Tradition allows visitors to prepare food, particularly non-vegetarian, at this place, which is believed to please the deity and this is considered a form of nature worship. Preparing various types of food openly by using firewood and littering all type of waste in the river banks is a common sight at this site.

Boat Riding[edit]

Boat riding on local theppa at Muthathi

Forest Department has arranged private boating at this spot but the boat used are very primitive, locally called as theppa made of weeds and plant produce. The boat riding to other bank is refreshing as other side is having clean sand dunes mixed with jam trees, but the boat ride on swift flowing Kaveri river appears very risky.

Dangerous Waters[edit]

A rudimentary board is displayed at bus stop, near river bank, detailing the number of tragic deaths in Kaveri waters yearwise and also warning the people not to swim at this place.

Muthathi - Loaps


Muthathi is situated about 100 km from Bangalore. Fast flowing waters with powerful whirlpools make this place dangerous. One can reach this place by taking the Kanakpura road till Sathnur and then taking a left deviation in the town of Sathnur. From Sathnur it is 18 km; the road is in pretty bad condition but the ride/drive to the place is awesome. Many different animals such as deer, elephants (rare), squirrels, different species of birds can be spotted. Once at the river it is highly advisable not to go venturing into the water as it contains lots of whirlpools and powerful currents which have killed quite a number of people in the past.