Mutual Admiration Society – Joe Locke & David Hazeltine Quartet

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Mutual Admiration Society is an album released by Joe Locke and the David Hazeltine Quartet in 1999.

Album information[edit]

Mutual Admiration Society (Joe Locke & David Hazeltine Quartet, 1999)

Original release date: June 29, 1999. Label: Sharp Nine

  1. "K-Man's Crew" (Locke)
  2. "I Say A Little Prayer" (Bacharach / David)
  3. "Can We Talk?" (Hazeltine)
  4. "The Haze Factor" (Locke)
  5. "Tears In Her Heart" (Hazeltine)
  6. "Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year" (Loesser)
  7. "Diamonds Remain" (Locke)
  8. "For All We Know" (Lewis / Coots)


  • David Hazeltine - piano
  • Joe Locke - vibraphone
  • Essiet Essiet - bass
  • Billy Drummond - drums

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