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muvee Technologies
Type Private
Industry Video editing software
Founded Singapore (1999)
Headquarters Singapore, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul
Key people Terence Swee, CEO & Co-founder

Muvee Technologies is a Singapore-based software company that produces automated video editing software for Windows and the Android mobile platform. muvee’s main product is muvee Reveal, which creates “instant home movies” from input videos, photos, music and what the company calls Styles. Recent versions of muvee's Reveal movie making software use CUDA for faster processing and rendering.[1]

Muvee's desktop video editing software first appeared in 2001. In 2004 muvee released a mobile video editing application that was included on all Symbian mobile phones for Nokia. In 2006, muvee released digital camera video editing application, Pictmotion, that was included on Nikon cameras.[2] Muvee's mobile applications have also been embedded in LG and Samsung mobile devices.[3]


  • muvee Reveal (Win 7, Vista, Win XP)


Muvee's core "automatic" video editing technology uses image analysis techniques to recognise shot boundaries, human faces, blurriness indicating movement, color spread, brightness levels and low quality material in photographs and videos. Image analysis also recognizes rhythm and tempo of accompanying music.[4]

Since 2009, muvee Reveal has made use of CUDA, a parallel computing platform and programming model created by NVIDIA. NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) implement the CUDA architecture and programming model. According to NVIDIA, anyone with NVIDIA CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GeForce and NVIDIA ION graphics processing units (GPUs) installed in their computers will boost rendering up to 8 times for movies created with the muvee Reveal version 8 and up.[5]

The software is intended to reduce processing time by analyzing the content just once and using the data gathered from this analysis for any subsequent repeat-edits.

Muvee video editing software also features “muvee Styles”. Each style contains a mix of effects and transitions that are applied to video and photos in synchronization with the music.[6]

Company history[edit]

muvee Technologies was formed by Terence Swee, a Singaporean electronic engineer and Pete Kellock, a Scotsman with a doctorate in electronic music. The founders began working together in 1999 at Kent Ridge Digital Labs (KRDL), a technology business incubator sponsored by the Government of Singapore.[7]

The expansion in size prompted a move out of the KRDL incubation space and into dedicated offices in the Arts and Heritage district near to Bugis Junction in Singapore.[8]

muvee is notable in Singapore for its unusual office space. In 2006, muvee staff were surveyed to discover what features they would like to see in their new office. More than 90% of these suggestions were incorporated in the final design, which includes a 1950s-style American diner, a cinema, a sleeping room, a camouflaged bunker (for “strategic’” planning) and a man-made beach.[9]

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