Lordship of Berat

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Lordship of Berat
Principata e Muzakajve

Muzakaj Principality of Berat in the 15th century
Capital Berat
Languages Albanian
Religion Eastern Orthodox
Government Principality[citation needed]
Despot and later Prince[citation needed]
 -  1335–1372 Andrea II Muzaka
Historical era Medieval
 -  Established [citation needed] 1335
 -  Disestablished 2 March[citation needed] 1444

The Lordship of Berat (1335–1444) was a county created by despot Andrea II Muzaka of the Muzaka noble family in 1335,[citation needed] with its capital at Berat. The lordship was united with other Albanian Principalities in the League of Lezhë in 1444.[1]

A chronicle by Gjon Muzaka (John Musachi), written in 1515 after he abandoned Albania and went to Italy, records many interesting facts about the Muzakaj family and the Principality of Berat, although at places unreliable.[2] The text is considered to be one of the oldest written by an Albanian.[2]


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