Muzeum Piernika

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Muzeum Piernika (English: Museum of Gingerbread) is the only open gingerbread museum in Europe. It is located in Toruń, Poland. The museum provides more information about gingerbread, including how to bake it. It teaches you how to do your own decorative gingerbreads, which you can take home and enjoy.

The museum is located on 9, Rabiańska St. It is opened from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM (without Mondays, in which museum is opened shorter). Half-price ticket costs 7,5 PLN, and normal ticket costs 9,5 PLN. Handicapped people don't have to pay. In the museum, you can buy gingerbreads and souvenirs from museum.

Coordinates: 53°00′31″N 18°36′17″E / 53.00861°N 18.60472°E / 53.00861; 18.60472