My Friend, Kolka!

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My Friend, Kolka!
Directed by Aleksei Saltykov
Aleksander Mitta
Written by Aleksander Khmelik
Starring Anatoly Kuznetsov
Saveliy Kramarov
Yuri Nikulin
Music by Lev Shvarts
Bulat Okudjava(songs)
Cinematography Victor Maslennikov
Release dates
Running time
88 min.
Country Soviet Union USSR
Language Russian

My Friend, Kolka! (Russian: Друг мой, Колька; translit. Drug moy, Kolka!) is a Soviet 1961 film directed by Aleksei Saltykov and Aleksander Mitta.[1]


Kolka Snegeryov is boring at school and other children too. Work of the pioneer organization became into monotonous routine.The senior Pioneer leader Lydia Mikhajlovna's work looks externally all nice. But behind accurately made plans the formalism, indifference and boredom. Declaring boycott, children organize a secret society with abbreviated form - ТОТР under the motto: "To help offended and weak ". New pioneer leader supports children and carries away their greater and interesting business.



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