My Galileo

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Belarus "My Galileo"
Eurovision Song Contest 2004 entry
Country Belarus
Artist(s) Aleksandra Kirsanova and Konstantin Drapezo
As Aleksandra and Konstantin
Language English
Composer(s) Aleksandra and Konstantin
Lyricist(s) Aleksey Solomaha
Finals performance
Semi-final result 19th
Semi-final points 10
Appearance chronology
""Love Me Tonight"" (2005) ►

"My Galileo" was the first entry by Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest, performed at the 2004 Contest in English by Aleksandra and Konstantin. As this was Belarus' debut entry, it was performed in the semi-final of that Contest. The song was performed second on the night (following Finland's Jari Sillanpää with "Takes 2 To Tango" and preceding Switzerland's Piero Esteriore & The MusicStars with "Celebrate!"). At the close of voting, it could only muster 10 points, which were enough for 19th place, thus forcing Belarus to qualify through the semi-final at the next Contest.

The song is inspired somewhat by Belarusian country music and likens the singer's lover to Galileo. Many of the lyrics were difficult to understand in the live performance, as Aleksandra's accent was very strong.