My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

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For the French film L'Ami de mon amie, see Boyfriends and Girlfriends. For the US romantic comedy, see My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (2010 film).
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend.jpg
Directed by Kenneth Schapiro
Produced by Kenneth Schapiro
Evan Seplow
L. Cyre Rodriguez (associate producer)
Written by Kenneth Schapiro
Starring Deborah Gibson
Sean Runnette
Jill Novick
Valerie Perrine
Chris Bruno
Linda Larkin
Jack Koenig
Music by Deborah Gibson
Cinematography T.W. Li
Edited by Evan Seplow
Release dates
  • 1998 (1998)
Country United States
Language English

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend is a 1998 screwball comedy film written and directed by Kenneth Schapiro. It was filmed on Long Island, New York.


Gay soap actor Cliff (Bruno) is about to marry an unsuspecting girl (Larkin) for the sake of his image, to the chagrin of his boyfriend Wes (Koenig). However, a prowling reporter (Gibson) has some interesting photographs which could cause general consternation.

The main romance is between the reporter Melissa and the maid of honour's uncoordinated date Jake (Runnette).


Actor Role
Deborah Gibson Melissa Stevens
Sean Runnette Jake
Jill Novick Liberty, the maid of honor
Valerie Perrine Rita Lindross
Chris Bruno Cliff, the groom
Linda Larkin Cory Lindross, the bride
Jack Koenig Wes, the best man


Singer-songwriter Deborah Gibson sang the theme tune.

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