My Memories of Old Beijing

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My Memories of Old Beijing (Chengnan Jiushi, 城南舊事) is an autobiographical novel by Lin Haiyin, first published in 1960.

Written in lively, evocative prose from the point of view of a precocious and impressionable young girl, the work records Lin's childhood memories of the city and the everyday people around her.

The novel consists of five "sections", or chapters: "Hui'an Guan" (惠安館), "We go to the sea" (我們看海去), "Aunt Lan" (蘭姨娘), "Ludagunr" (驢打滾兒)and "Dad's flower is falling" (爸爸的花兒落了).

In 1982, the novel was made into a feature film, directed by Mainland China director Wu Yigong.