My Savior

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"My Savior"
Single by Krystal Meyers
from the album Krystal Meyers
Released June 7, 2005
Format Single
Genre Christian rock, alternative rock
Length 3:31
Label Essential
Writer(s) Krystal Meyers
Ian Eskelin
Producer(s) Wizardz of Oz and Ian Eskelin
Krystal Meyers singles chronology
"The Way to Begin"
"My Savior"

"My Savior" is a Christian rock song sung by Christian rock/pop singer Krystal Meyers. It was composed by Krystal Meyers and Ian Eskelin, [1] and appears on her self-titled debut album.[2] It was included in Dance Praise Christian Video Game - Pop and Rock Hits Expansion Pack, Release Date: Oct. 17, 2006.[3]

About "My Savior"[edit]

The song "My Savior" has had its effect on people: Krystal speaks about how someone who heard "My Savior" on the radio one day decided to not kill himself. "Right as he was about to pull the trigger my song “My Savior” came on the radio. It caught his ear, and he dropped the gun and dropped to his knees crying, 'God, what am I doing?' Right then and there he gave his heart to the Lord. He turned his life around."[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "My Savior"

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