My Scene Goes Hollywood

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My Scene Goes Hollywood
My Scene Goes Hollywood.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Eric Fogel
Written by Elise Allen
Starring Kelly Sheridan
Lindsay Lohan
Kathleen Barr
Nicole Bouma
Saffron Henderson
Distributed by Miramax Family Films
Release dates
  • August 30, 2005 (2005-08-30)
Running time
77 minutes
Country United States
Language English

My Scene Goes Hollywood is a 2005 direct-to-DVD and VHS animated film based on Mattel's line of My Scene dolls. It features Barbie and Lindsay Lohan, who plays herself. It is the third feature with the My Scene characters, and the only one that was full-length. The film was directed by Eric Fogel. Even though the title of the film suggests a trip to Hollywood, California, the whole film actually takes place in New York City, where the My Scene characters live.


The My Scene girls are attending high school in New York City when they find out there is a new action spy movie being filmed there, starring Lindsay Lohan and fictional character Ryan Ridley. While the girls, Barbie, Chelsea, Westley, Nolee, and Delancey, go to watch it being filmed, they get the idea to sneak into the film as extras. After a while the girls learn that being in a movie is hard work, they have to wait for hours before being called to the set, and Chelsea keeps getting horrible roles such as towel girl, and cleaning up after horses. The girls imagine themselves becoming best friends with Lindsay.

When one of the actresses on the set breaks her ankle, Westley is called in to take her place. She plays the movie's villain, even though she has very few lines.

After a while Westley starts to get a big head. She also thinks that she and Ryan are dating as they always go out together. When she gets invited to party with Ridley and Lindsay, her friends show up to surprise her. But Westley is very rude to them and pretends that she does not know them. She starts to act and dress like a diva, and avoid her lifelong friends. This causes her friends to become mad at her. Lindsay talks to Westley's friends after Westley gets dumped really harshly by Ryan Ridley and tells them how important friends are. Westley apologizes and her friends forgive her. In the end they are all invited to the red carpet opening of the movie. There, when Ryan try's to get Westley and Lindsay's attention, they ignore him.



There is no album made for the songs played in the movie

  1. Lucky - Leslie Mills[2]
  2. I Feel Like L.A. - Leslie Mills
  3. Find the Fun - Leslie Mills
  4. Playground (Instrumental)
  5. Find the Fun (Instrumental)
  6. Starlight - Leslie Mills
  7. Lucky (Reprise)
  8. Playground - Andrea Remanda


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