My Shameful

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My Shameful
Origin Finland
Genres Death metal, doom metal
Years active 1999–present
Labels Firedoom Records
Members Jürgen Fröhling
Sami Rautio
Past members Mario Hahn
Mark Napier
Harri Jussila

My Shameful is a doom/death metal band with Finnish, German and American members. The band also has heavy funeral doom influences. Originating as a two person studio project in Finland during the year 1999, they have so far recorded three demos and four albums. The demos were recorded with Sami Rautio and Harri Jussila as participating members. The line-up was completed in 2004 with drummer Mark Napier, bassist Twist, and guitar player Mario. My Shameful parted ways with Mark Napier in spring of 2007, due to Mark being unstable and unreliable to play ashow, a new drummer was found in Jürgen Fröhling. During the year 2008 My Shameful recorded their fourth full-length studio album "Descend". Due to Sami Rautio moving back to Finland, the album was recorded in several different locations.

My Shameful begun recording their 5th full-length album in January 2013.




  • To All I Hated (2002)


  • Sown in Sadness (2000)
  • Your Dark Overwhelming (2000)
  • To All I Hated (2000)

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