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Myhomepage beta logo.jpg
Web address
Type of site
Registration Private
Owner Paragon Internet Group (Subsidiaries)[1]
Launched 2009
Alexa rank
positive decrease 97,701 (April 2009)[2]
Current status Inactive was founded in 2009 becoming a patented personalised homepage service with synchronised bookmarking[3] and password manager software.[4][5][6]


The URL was initially listed for $250,000 by but later sold for $50,000 by Tucows.[7] In 2010 became a Microsoft Certified Partner built on a .Net SQL CLR[8] development platform with an html AJAX front end system a .NET Framework due to its collaboration with Axosoft.[9] The company subsequently raised $1.2 million through German Startups Group Berlin AG.[10][11][12] Myhomepage Ltd. was incorporated at Companies House in 2009 by its two founding entrepreneurs Max Aengevelt and Massimo 'Max' Agostinelli.[13][14] In 2010 both Aengevelt and Agostinelli were interviewed in Tavria-V by OK TV.[15]

Tucows Inc.[edit]

In 2009 the leading news site covering the domain name industry 'Domain Name Wire' reported that one of Tucows' subsidiaries, "BuyDomains has sold the domain name for $50,000. - "The buyer appears to be in Germany and the page currently resolves to WhyPark’s name servers.” - “This will be one to watch, as the buyer clearly has plans for it.” wrote Andrew Allemann.[16] According to the 'DN Journal Top 20' the domain name was ranked #3 by Godaddy's AfternicsDSL.[17][18] The Uniform Resource Locator (URL)[19] is ranked among the index of Top-level domain (TLD) globally.[20] Myhomepage had trust seals certificates from Verisign, McAfee and TrustE linked to the domain name registrar including in line with the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).[21][22][23]

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