Myinmoletkat Taung

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Myinmoletkat Taung
Myinmoletkat Taung is located in Burma
Myinmoletkat Taung
Myinmoletkat Taung
Location in Burma
Elevation 2,072 m (6,798 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,857 m (6,093 ft)
Listing Ultra
Location Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar
Range Tenasserim Hills
Coordinates 13°28′00″N 98°48′00″E / 13.46667°N 98.80000°E / 13.46667; 98.80000Coordinates: 13°28′00″N 98°48′00″E / 13.46667°N 98.80000°E / 13.46667; 98.80000
First ascent unknown
Easiest route climb

Myinmoletkat Taung is the highest mountain of the Bilauktaung, Tenasserim Hills. It is located in the Tanintharyi Region, Burma, 42 km west from the border with Thailand.

With a height of 2,072 m and a prominence of 1,857 m, Myinmoletkat Taung is one of the ultra prominent peaks of Southeast Asia.[2]

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