Mykola Shmatko

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Mykola Havrylovych Shmatko
Timoshenko Shmatko.jpg
Mykola Shmatko & "Ukrainian Aurora"
Born (1943-08-17) 17 August 1943 (age 71)
USSR, Ukraine
Nationality Ukrainian
Occupation Sculptor, painter
Marble sculpture of King of marble of Nicolai Shmatko

Mykola Havrylovych Shmatko (Ukrainian: Микола Гаврилович Шматько) (born 17 August 1943 in Krasnohorivka) is a contemporary Ukrainian sculptor, painter. He was born in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.[1]

He became a sculptor at the age of 33, after being a firefighter.[2] He works in marble, inspired by European culture and art. His studio and gallery contains 100 sculptures, more than 70 of which are made of Ural and Italian marble, 30 plaster casts and about 300 pictures (paintings, graphics, and architectural projects). In total, there are approximately 750 pieces ranging from simple decoration to bas-relief, high relief, busts and sculptures.[3] Some of these are sexually explicit in character.[4][5] He is also working in archtitecture, and has a design for a penis-shaped highrise building.[6]

In 2000 he was appointed a professor of Arts department by Moscow Institute of World Civilization.[7]

Sviatohorska Blessed Virgin, Sviato-Uspenska Sviatohirsk Lavra, Sviatohirsk, Ukraine

In 2004 for his work "Sviatohorska Blessed Virgin" - statue of the Theotokos "Hegumenia" for Sviato-Uspenskyi Sviatohorskyi Monastery, he was awarded the order of Nestor Letopisets by Volodymyr Sabodan, the Kiev Metropolitan and all Ukraine.[8]

The fall of 2012 left the city at the invitation of Lugansk oligarch Viktor Baloha[9] and moved with his family to the city of Mukachevo.[10][11]

On January 18, 2013 Shmatko nominated himself for the Nobel Peace Prize.[12]


  • 1985-1991: Gallery Shmatko & Sons, Bolhrad, Odessa region
  • 1991-2003: Gallery Shmatko & Sons, Krasnyi Luch, Lugansk region
  • 1992: Luhansk
  • 1993: Kiev
  • 2000: Moscow Institute of Universal Civilizations, Moscow
  • 1985-1991: Gallery Shmatko & Sons, Bolhrad, Odessa region
  • 2003: Donetsk
  • 2003-2004: Gallery Shmatko & Sons, Sloviansk, Donetsk region
  • 2004-2010: Gallery Shmatko & Sons, Luhansk
  • 2007: Biennale di Firenze 2007, Italy, 4th place award in sculpture and installation [13]
  • 2009: Biennale di Firenze 2009, Italy
  • 2012: Art Monaco Monaco, France

Work kept in museums[edit]

Ivan Soshenko (sculptor Mykola Shmatko)


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