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Studio album by Myra
Released June 8, 2001 (USA)
Recorded 2000 - 2001
Genre Pop, teen pop, dance-pop
Label Buena Vista
Producer Bill Meyers
Myra chronology

Myra is the debut album by Mexican-American pop singer Myra, released by Buena Vista Records on June 8, 2001.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lie, Lie, Lie" (Lauren Christy, Adrian Guevitz)
  2. "Candy Boy" (Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards, Scott Spock)
  3. "Like a Girl in Love" (Alain Bertoni, Chris Hamm)
  4. "Miracles Happen (When You Believe)" (Pamela Eileen Sheyne, Eliot John Kennedy)
  5. "Bye-Bye My Love" (Alain Bertoni, Chris Hamm)
  6. "25 Hours a Day" (Mark Mueller, Guy Roche)
  7. "Wishing on the Same Star" (Diane Warren)
  8. "Dancing in the Street" (Marvin Gaye, Ivy Jo Hunter, William "Mickey" Stevenson)
  9. "Where You At?" (Alain Bertoni, Chris Hamm)
  10. "Girls Like Boyz" (Keith "K.C." Cohen)
  11. "As If" (Shelley Peiken, Guy Roche)
  12. "Hanging Up On You" (Steve Guinn, Peter McEvilley)
  13. "Dreams" (Jon Gibson)


Myra failed to be a charting success, only seeking at #47 on the Top Heatseekers chart; it also met with very little promotion from Buena Vista/Walt Disney Records. Despite this, it was met with positive reviews from music critics, many praising the album for being fun, energetic and playful. Both Allmusic and Yahoo! gave the album a three[1] out of five star[2] rating.


Despite limited success in sales, two singles were released off of the album, both were also part of movie soundtracks.

  • "Dancing in the Street" was the first single, which was also part of Recess: School's Out film soundtrack.

The music video was located in a black and white background in Los Angeles, California with Myra and the dancers dancing with a disc jockey playing music with records and is directed by Scott Marshall and choreographed by Darrin Henson. Another version was made where the video is interplaced with clips of the "Green Tambourine" closing sequence of the movie and Myra performing against a bluescreen displaying clips of the film. This version was featured at the end of the VHS of the film.

  • "Miracles Happen (When You Believe)" was the second single and was also part of the The Princess Diaries film soundtrack.

The music video was located at The Shoppes at Buckland Hills mall in Connecticut and Myra and the girls go to Limited Too for a fashion and shopping spree and meet up with the boys. It was directed by Scott Marshall and choreographed by Darrin Henson.

Spanish version[edit]

Myra's next album, Milagros, is essentially a Spanish version of Myra.