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Myra is a Catholic titular see, corresponding to Demre in present-day Turkey.


The Acta Pauli probably testify as to the existence of a Christian community at Myra in the second century.[1] Michel Le Quien[2] opens his list of the bishops of this city with St. Nicander, martyred under Domitian about A.D. 95, and whose feast is celebrated 4 November.[3] As to St. Nicholas Thaumaturgus, venerated on 6 December, the Index of Theodorus Lector (sixth century) is the first document which inscribes his name among the fathers of Nicaea in 325.[4]

Theodosius II made the flourishing city of Myra the capital of Lycia and it is said, erected there a church to St. Nicholas. Peter, Bishop of Myra composed in defence of the Council of Chalcedon writings quoted by St. Sophronius and by Photius (Bibliotheca, Codex 23). At the Sixth Ecumenical Council (787) two bishops of Myra, Theodore and Nicholas, assisted, one representing the orthodox party, the other the Iconoclasts.[5]


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