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Myra Lesley Shackley (born 1949) was formerly Professor of Culture Resource Management and Head of the Centre for Tourism and Visitor Management at Nottingham Business School. She retired in summer 2011 after an academic career spanning more than 40 years, during which she became recognised as a leading international authority on the management of historic sites. She has written 15 books (of which the latest is 'Atlas of Travel and Tourism Development' (Butterworth-Heinemann 2006), a core text for many historical geography and tourism studies students. Much of her most recent research has been concerned with the management of sacred sites as visitor attractions and she wrote the textbook 'Managing Sacred Sites; service provision and visitor experience' (Thomson 2001). Her academic output includes reviews, consultancy and more than two hundred academic articles and international conference papers. She has been extensively involved in international research projects most recently in sub-Saharan Africa (mostly Namibia but also Lesotho, Botswana and South Africa), West Africa (Mali), Kingdom of Lo (northern Nepal/Tibet), Rajasthan and Arunachal Pradesh (India), Guyana (consultancy for Esmée Fairbairn Charitable Trust), and Uzbekistan.

She is also a priest in the Church of England (ordained 1999) and was the Tourism Advisor to Southwell Diocese and priest-vicar at Southweel Minster until 2009. She has since moved to North Yorkshire as the Parish Priest of four rural villages. After gaining a Ph.D. in Archaeology at the University of Southampton she spent four years as head of the laboratory at the Institute of Archaeology at Oxford before becoming a lecturer and later Head of Department of Archaeological Sciences at the University of Leicester before moving to Nottingham in 1986 to develop her work on the management of archaeological and historic sites at Nottingham Business School.

Shackley is a well-known proponent of the existence of reputed cryptid hominids, such as sasquatch and yeti, as well as of the continued (i.e., relict) existence of populations of wild hominids such as the almas.


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