Myrtle Beach Seadawgs

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Myrtle Beach Seadawgs were an American soccer team that played in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Their home field was Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium.

The roster included Jimmy May, Willie Files, Ross Moore, Barry Hope, Jeremy Eason, Neil Payne, Gerard Jones, Scott Schweitzer, Warren Russ, Dave Mallick, Michael Parry.

In April 1997, the professional female golfer Laura Davies played six minutes for the club in a league game.[1]

Head coaches[edit]


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs Open Cup
1997 3 USISL D-3 Pro League 1st, South Atlantic Division Finals Did not qualify
1998 3 USISL D-3 Pro League 2nd, Atlantic Division Finals Did not qualify
1999 3 USL D-3 Pro League 7th, Atlantic Did not qualify Did not qualify


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