Myself World Tour

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Myself World Tour
Tour by Jolin Tsai
Associated album Myself
Start date 24 December 2010
End date 13 April 2013
Shows 33 in Asia
1 in Europe
1 in Oceania
35 total
Jolin Tsai concert chronology
Butterfly School Tour
Myself World Tour
Play World Tour

Myself World Tour is the fourth concert tour by Mandopop singer Jolin Tsai to promote her 11th studio album Myself. The tour started with 3 dates in Taipei in 2010; it continued through 2011, 2012, 2013 and ended with a final show in Kaohsiung. Most of the concert tours in 2012 and 2013 were encore performances due to the popularity and excellent reviews of the original run. However, most of encore performances were revamped with four-side stages. The tour also went to London, England on 21 October 2012, courtesy of RE Entertainment, and LiveStageMedia - two companies which have come together to help globalise the Entertainment Industry. This is the first time in Jolin's career to have a concert in the United Kingdom.

The show had experienced 4 major revisions. The original version ran in-line with the promotion of her 2010 album Myself. Starting the second version, the stage had been transformed to four-sides. The third version came after the release of her 2012 album Muse. Finally, the fourth revision launched during her encore concerts in Taipei. All four versions received unique setlists, costumes, hardware and effects.


The first two dates sold out when the tour started in Taipei. Jolin's agency then added one new date on 26 December. The tour was paused for four months due to Jolin's busy work schedule, then rolled out to many cities around the world in 2011. The concept of the concert is a huge party. The signature stage sets that followed Jolin to every stop were the giant disco ball that acted as a big screen and the giant bar in the background.


The media released info about the first Myself World Tour concerts at Taipei Arena (on 24 & 25 December).

Jolin will hold her 10,000 people party and said "everyone will be the main characters of the concert, so I hope that everyone will have a great time in the crowd". She especially asked Rihanna's and Britney Spears's choreographer to choreograph the dances. The entire concert will be 90% dance tracks, so it will take up a lot of her stamina. Jolin will cut off all contact in the middle of November, so she can focus on her dancing. She said, "Everyone has high expectations towards me, but I have even higher ones towards myself."

Other than the high-technique dances, the sexy outfits will also the main part of the concert. Jolin laughingly said even though she dresses very normal personally, but once she's on stage, she can just let go of herself and is not scared of how sexy she dresses. She's very looking forward to the outfit designs.

Jolin hired Miguel Zarate as choreographer and Andre Fuentes as a dance teacher for Myself World Tour. Zarate worked alongside Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Britney Spears, The Pussycat Dolls, Davy Havok of AFI, and Chelsea Handler. While Fuentes has worked with Britney Spears.

She also revealed that there's a segment which contains songs of Prague Square, Pirate, and The Greek Girl by the Wishing Pond but she ended up not performing that segment.


  1. "Myself World Tour - Evolution VCR Intro"
  2. "美人計 Honey Trap"
  3. "玩美 Pulchritude"
  4. "黑髮尤物 Black-haired Beautiful Girl "
  5. "花蝴蝶 Butterfly"
  6. "大藝術家 The Great Artist"
  7. "馬賽克 Mosaic "
  8. "愛情三十六計 36 tricks of love"
  9. "冷暴力 Tacit violence & 1st Talking"
  10. "天空 Sky + 詩人漫步 Wandering Poet"
  11. "特務 J Agent J + Beast"
  12. "玩愛之徒 Love Player & 2nd Talking"
  13. "招牌動作 Signature Gesture + 大丈夫 Real Man"
  14. "睜一隻眼閉一隻眼 Overlooking Purposely"
  15. "我知道你很難過 I know you are so sad + 離人節 Heartbreaking day + 開場白 The prologue + 愛上了一條街 Love that street"
  16. "你怎麼連話都說不清楚 Can’t speak clearly + 檸檬草的味道 The smeil of lemon grass + 妥協 Compromise"
  17. "假裝 Pretence + 倒帶 Rewind & 3rd Talking"
  18. "Don’t Stop + 馬德里不思議 A wonder in Madrid + 十三號星期舞 Friday the 13th"
  19. "日不落 Sun will never set"
  20. "Mr. Q"
  21. "七上八下 Butterflies in my stomach + 舞孃 Dancing Diva + 迷幻 Fantasy + Dr. Jolin"
  22. "4th Talking & 唯舞獨尊 Dancing Forever"
  23. "I - Intro & 5th Talking & 我 I"
  24. "ENCORE : 野蠻遊戲 Wild Game + 看我七十二變 See my 72 changes + 愛無赦 Bravo Lover"
  25. "Be Myself - Outro"


  1. This is the official setlist that she performed in Myself World Tour Live in Taipei Arena - Myself Encore Dates: 22-23/12/2012
  2. It also included on Myself 世界巡迴演唱會 台北安可場 Live DVD (Myself World Tour in Taipei Arena Live DVD) released on October 2013
  3. In Myself World Tour - The Final Concert she performed 愛情騙子我問你 Love Liar I ask you + 愛情恰恰 Romance Cha-Cha + 舞女 Lady Dancer as a 2nd Encore

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
24 December 2010 Taipei Taiwan Taipei Arena
25 December 2010
26 December 2010
7 May 2011 Singapore Singapore Singapore Indoor Stadium
21 May 2011 Shanghai China Hongkou Football Stadium
28 May 2011 Beijing Workers Stadium
11 June 2011 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Stadium Merdeka
24 June 2011 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Coliseum
25 June 2011
2 July 2011 Guangzhou China Guangzhou Gymnasium
14 July 2011 Changzhou Changzhou Olympic Sports Center
26 August 2011 Jiangyin Jiangyin Olympic Sports Center
9 September 2011 Tianjin Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium
17 September 2011 Nanjing Nanjing Olympic Sports Center
20 April 2012 Wenzhou Wenzhou Sports Centre
14 July 2012 (Encore) Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena
25 August 2012 Macau CotaiArena
15 September 2012 (Encore) Beijing Workers Indoor Arena
22 September 2012 Foshan Foshan Linnan Mingzhu Indoor Arena
21 October 2012 London United Kingdom Wembley Arena
27 October 2012 Quanzhou China Strait Stadium
3 November 2012 Shenzhen Shenzhen Bay Sports Center
16 November 2012 (Encore) Genting Malaysia Genting Highlands
24 November 2012 Fuzhou China Fuzhou Stadium
8 December 2012 Chengdu Sichuan Provincial Gymnasium
16 December 2012 (Encore) Guangzhou Guangzhou International Sports Arena
22 December 2012 (Encore) Taipei Taiwan Taipei Arena
23 December 2012 (Encore)
29 December 2012 Kunming China New Asian Sports City
5 January 2013 Yangzhou Sports Park Stadium
19 February 2013 Sydney Australia The Star-Event Centre
9 March 2013 (Encore) Chengdu China Sichuan Provincial Gymnasium
23 March 2013 Nanning Guangxi Sports Center
30 March 2013 Yibin Yibin Sports Centre
13 April 2013 Kaohsiung Taiwan Kaohsiung Arena