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Indian Railway Station
Junction station
Tower at Mysore Railway Station.JPG
Station statistics
Address Mysore, Mysore District, Karnataka
Coordinates 12°18′59″N 76°38′43″E / 12.3163°N 76.6454°E / 12.3163; 76.6454Coordinates: 12°18′59″N 76°38′43″E / 12.3163°N 76.6454°E / 12.3163; 76.6454
Elevation 760m
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Platforms 6
Parking Yes
Other information
Opened 1870
Station code MYS
Zone(s) South Western Railway
Division(s) Mysore
Station status Functioning
New Livery of Chennai Shatabdi at Platform No 1
Old Rakes of the Chennai-Mysore Shatabdi Express
Curved platform in Mysore Junction

Mysore railway station is a station in the historical city of Mysore, Karnataka, India. Previously Mysore was connected to Bangalore by a meter-gauge line, which has now been converted to broad gauge. Doubling process is being done in this route at present.


Mysore station is also a junction with a track from Bangalore and another from Hassan joining the same as it enters the station. The track on the other side proceeds to Nanjangud and Chamrajnagar after which there is a proposal to extend it to Coimbatore but being stayed as it pass through the forest area of Sathyamangalam


The station is located in the proximity of the city and is well connected by the city buses from the bus stand.


There are about 6 platforms at this station. After the gauge conversion,many trains which earlier terminated at Bangalore were extended to Mysore.


WiFi services are available within 200 meters in the station.[1]

Royal Mysore Railways[edit]

The Wodeyars advocated modernity in the Mysore State by encouraging Railway development in the State. Chamarajendra Wadiyar X had a particular interest in developing Railways in the state.

Construction of the Railways in the state, began in 1878, under James Davidson Gordon, Commissioner of Mysore and Coorg, with the Mysore-Bangalore line. The total budget was 60 Lakhs, for which the Government of India deferred payment of loans by the state, in order for the Railway works to continue. By October 1878, 7 lakhs had already been spent towards the project. Colonel A Le Messurier was appointed as consulting engineer, and he trained native Indian engineers in in survey and construction, which was very effective. For the construction of the railway line, pine sleepers were imported from Europe, and timber from Rangoon, through the Madras Port. The Mysore-Bangalore line was declared open in February 1882.[2]

Railway Museum[edit]

Adjacent to the Mysore Railway Station is a museum which has exhibits of vintage locomotives. It was established in 1979 by the Indian Railways, and the second such museum after the one in Delhi. One of the exhibits is the Maharani Saloon Carriage, with a kitchen and royal toilet, dating back to 1899, belonging to the Mysore Royal family. Wooden doors and pillars of the old Srirangapatna Railway Station are also on display. Other exhibits include a 1925 Austin rail motor car, 1900 built WG Bagnall 1625, a Surrey Iron Railway (SIR) Class E 37244 4-4-4T Locomotive built in 1920 by the North British Locomotive Co, a Southern Railway Class TS/1 37338 2-6-2T built by WG Bagnall for the Mysore Railways in 1932, etc.[3]

Heritage gallery[edit]

The Mysore Railway Station is home to a ‘Model Railroad Layout’, which is housed in the heritage gallery, is the first of its kind in the country. The Model Railroad Layout which was created by the Mysore Division of the South Western Railway has six miniature trains. The miniature trains imported from the US will run on digital command control system along a track length of 600 metres. It also has models of Chamundi Hill, K R Circle, KRS Dam, Clock Tower, Philomena’s church and Zoo. Similar type of models could be found at Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago), USA, which had about 160 miniature trains and Hamburg in Germany which has one of the biggest railroad model layouts. The entry to the gallery situated on platform one is free for passengers who have tickets. For others, it will be through platform tickets. [4]


Shatabdi Express Trains

Train No From/To Via Arr Dep Halt Class Rundays
12007 Chennai-Mysuru SBC 13.00 - 1A CC M Tu Th F Sa Su
12008 Mysuru-Chennai SBC - 14.15 1A CC M Tu Th F Sa Su

Swarna Jayanti Super Fast Trains

Train No From/To Via Arr Dep Halt Class Rundays
12782 Delhi H Nizamuddin-Mysuru AGC, BPL, PUNE, MRJ, UBL, HAS 04.55 - 2A 3A SL GN W
12781 Mysuru-Delhi H Nizamuddin HAS, UBL, MRJ, PUNE, BPL, AGC - 20.10 2A 3A SL GN F

Super Fast Trains

Train No From/To Via Arr Dep Halt Class Rundays
22818 Mysuru-Howrah SBC, BZA, VSKP, BBS - 00.30 2A 3A SL GN M
22817 Howrah-Mysuru BBS, VSKP, BZA, SBC 05.00 - 2A 3A SL GN Su
12578 Mysuru-Darbhanga (Bagmati Exp) SBC, MAS, BZA, NGP, ET, MGS, PNBE - 07.20 2A 3A SL GN Sa
22682 Chennai-Mysuru SBC 08.35 - 2A 3A SL GN F
12975 Mysuru-Jaipur SBC, KCG, NGP, ET, BPL, UJN - 10.15 1A 2A 3A SL GN Th Sa
12976 Jaipur-Mysuru UJN, BPL, ET, NGP, KCG, SBC 16.20 - 1A 2A 3A SL GN W F
22681 Mysuru-Chennai SBC - 20.10 2A 3A SL GN W
12577 Darbhanga-Mysuru (Bagmati Exp) PNBE, MGS, ET, NGP, BZA, MAS, SBC 23.35 - 2A 3A SL GN Th
12613 Mysuru-Bengaluru (Tippu Exp) MYA 11.00 - CC 2S GN Daily

Express/Mail Trains

Train No From/To Via Arr Dep Halt Class Rundays
16229 Mysuru-Varanasi SBC,YPR,TK,CTA,BAY,GTL,GR,DD,KPG,MMR,ET 07:20 First GN SL 3A 2A Tu Th
16230 Varanasi-Mysuru ET,MMR,KPG,DD,GR,GTl,BAY,CTA,TK,YPR,SBC Last 03:00 GN SL 3A 2A Tu Su
16217 Mysuru-Sainagar Shirdi SBC,YNK,DMM,GTL,BAY,HPT,GDG,BJP,SUR,DD 05:00 First II SL 3A 2A M
16518 Kannur-Bengaluru MAQ,SBHR,HAS,MYS,MYA,RMGM 05:30 First II SL 3A 2A M Tu Th F Sa Su


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