Mysteriet på Greveholm

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Mysteriet på Greveholm
Mysteriet på Greveholm.jpg
Swedish DVD Cover
Genre Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Mystery
Directed by Dan Zethraeus
Theme music composer The Creeps
Country of origin Sweden
Original language(s) Swedish
No. of episodes 24
Running time 15 minutes
Distributor Sveriges Television
Original channel SVT1
Original run 1 December 1996 – 24 December 1996
Preceded by Jul i Kapernaum (1995)
Followed by Pelle Svanslös (1997)

Mysteriet på Greveholm ("The Mystery of the Count's Islet") was the 1996 Swedish SVT Christmas calendar.[1] It was released on VHS in October 1997 and on DVD 19 November 2001. It was voted as the best Julkalender ever in Aftonbladet in 2007.[2] A video game with the same name was released in 1997, and two sequels in 1998 (Mysteriet på Greveholm 2: Resan till Planutus) and 2000 (Mysteriet på Greveholm 3: Den gamla legenden).

The 2012 Julkalender, Grevens återkomst, is a sequel to Mysteriet på Greveholm.[3]


The plot follows a family deciding to spend their Christmas on the country. They intend to rent a small house, but stumble across an old castle. Mistaking two thieves for the owners they "rent" the abandoned castle. Soon the children of the family, Ivar and Lillan, discover that the castle is haunted. At first the ghost seem to be evil, but soon the children (who are intrigued instead of terrified) befriend them. But there is something else in the castle, an evil even the ghosts are frightened of.


Leif (Peter Fridh) is being blamed by SVT and the newspapers of Sweden for causing a satellite to come out of its regular orbit causing a complete blackout of Sweden's public service channels much to the annoyance of his dentist wife Astrid (Anna-Lena Brundin). Meanwhile a disgruntled man (Carl-Åke Eriksson) is renting out his house due to being fed up by the hauntings in the neighbouring castle. Astrid reads his adds and goes to look for the house but ends up mistaking the castle for the house. The two bumbling burglars Rolf and Ralf are trying to break into the castle and are mistaking by Astrid for the owners and "rents" it to her. Astrid brings Leif and their children Ivar, Lillan and the teenage Melitta to the castle and they settle in, much to Melitta's dismay. It becomes apparent that the ghosts Jean and Staffan are inhabiting the castle and are desperate to keep living people away. They try to perform several scares, but Astid, Leif and Melitta ignore them and Ivar and Lillan becomes fascinated and try to find proof for the existence of ghost. A friend of Lillan hands over a device that calculates electronic activity and tells her that he has read that ghost's generate electric fields.



The outdoor scenes was recorded on Hjularöd Castle in Eslöv Municipality,[4] and the indoor scenes in SVT's studio in Malmö. The music was written and performed by the Swedish band The Creeps.[5]


  1. Hus att hyra (House to rent)
  2. Ett märkligt slott (A strange castle)
  3. Spökchock (Ghost shock)
  4. Att tämja ett spöke (To tame a ghost)
  5. En konstig familj (A strange family)
  6. Fällan (The trap)
  7. Drängen och betjänten (The horse keeper and the servant)
  8. Ögonmått och synvinkel (Tools)
  9. Oväntat besök (Unexpected visits)
  10. Greve von Dy:s menuett (Count von Dy's minuet)
  11. Skattjakten (The treasure hunt)
  12. Spöktimmen (The hour of the ghost)
  13. Lucia (Lucia)
  14. Skatten (The treasure)
  15. Lekande lätt (Easy)
  16. Melittas nya vänner (Melitta's new friends)
  17. Det var en gång... (Once upon a time...)
  18. Spejaren (The tracker)
  19. En riktig hjälte (A real hero)
  20. Lillan får en idé (Lillan gets an idea)
  21. Den sista striden (The final battle)
  22. Dioda (Dioda)
  23. Dan före dan (The day before Christmas)
  24. Jul på Greveholm (Christmas at Greveholm)


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