Mystery Case Files: Escape From Ravenhearst

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Mystery Case Files: Escape From Ravenhearst
Developer(s) Big Fish Studios
Publisher(s) Big Fish Games
Series Mystery Case Files
Platform(s) Windows, Mac OS X, iOS
Release date(s)
  • NA December 2011
    (Standard Edition)
  • NA November 24, 2011
    (Collector's Edition)
April 1, 2013
Genre(s) Adventure, puzzle
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Download

Mystery Case Files: Escape From Ravenhearst is an adventure-puzzle casual game developed by Big Fish Studios and distributed by Big Fish Games. It is the eight installment in the Mystery Case Files series and third and final installment in the Ravenhearst story-arc. The game is available exclusively on the Big Fish Games website


After mysterious disappearances has baffled Blackpool, England, the Master Detective is summoned back to the haunted grounds of Ravenhearst Manor about the case. Very little of the manor has survived the holocaust ignited when the Detective disabled Charles Dalimar's immortality machine, but Emma Ravenhearst's ghost appears, warning the detective away, but promising to help if the investigation proceeds.

After inspecting the ruins as far as a nearby lighthouse and the back garden, the Master Detective is flung into an open grave bearing her (or his) own name by Victor Dalimar. After encountering Charles, the Master Detective sets to work on a steampunk recreation of scenes in Charles' insane life, which the Detective must now relive by solving one puzzle after another. Arriving in an underground antechamber, the Master Detective must watch as the four souls previously rescued from the manor: Emma, Rose Somerset, and her twin daughters Charlotte and Gwendolyn are re-imprisoned, and restored to living humans as each scene opens. The Detective must participate in recreating Charles's birth, abusive childhood, time of commitment to a mental institution, and the wedding he planned for himself and Emma.

Once the Detective has traveled through Charles's world, the final door opens (via Emma's chamber) to reveal a rudimentary mansion with a new immortality machine, powered by the life-forces of the kidnapped citizens of Blackpool. Sneaking past a jubilant Charles and Victor, the Master Detective deciphers clues from the enslaved prisoners to figure out how to shut down the machine, freeing Emma, Rose, Gwendolyn, and Charlotte and destroying the Dalimar madness once and for all.


  • Emma Ravenhearst (Hayley Erickson) - A teacher from Iowa who travelled to Blackpool, England to continue her teaching career. There she met Charles Dalimar, who fell in love with her. He asked her hand in marriage but she refused. Because of that, Charles slowly poisoned Emma to death and imprisoned her soul by burying her body within the manor. In the third game she briefly warns you away at the start and is soon taken prisoner again, and brought back to life near the finale, only to be bound to the Dalimar's immortality machine, but offering a clue to shutting it down.
  • Rose Somerset (Mary Kae Lindsey) - Emma's nursemaid and mother of Gwendolyn and Charlotte Somerset. She was kidnapped and imprisoned under the Manor by Charles after the murder of Emma Ravenhearst. He later forced himself upon her, leading to the conception of Victor (a letter to Emma reveals this late in the second adventure). Despite the Detective freeing her before the fire, Dalimar somehow recaptures her, Emma, and the twins again in the antechamber. Her restored body is eventually bound to a new contraption used to keep Charles and Victor alive in their new subterranean manor. She too holds a clue to defeating the Dalimars forever.
  • Gwendolyn and Charlotte Somerset (both played by Sarah Roberts) - The twin daughters of Rose Somerset. Like their mother, they were also kidnapped and imprisoned. After an unsuccessful attempt to escape, their souls were also bound to Charles' device, until the Master Detective rescued their souls in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst. Like Emma and their mother, they warn you away near the start before Victor throws you into the maze. In the final scene, the hold the last clue to destroying all of Charles and Victor's insane works.
  • Victor Dalimar (Lee Rahfeldt) - The illegitimate son of Charles and Rose Somerset. Victor is a very cranky aged man, equally mad as Charles and was the housekeeper of Ravenhearst before the fire. Now he has brought Charles back from the 19th Century and constructed the series of rat-mazes the Detective must navigate to restore the lives of Emma and the Somersets. He is last seen dancing underground in the new Ravenhearst Manor, while Charles plays on the organ attached to their ghastly immortality device.
  • Charles Dalimar (Dennis Kleinsmith) - The main antagonist of the Ravenhearst storyline. In the first chapter of the saga, Charles was desperately in love with Emma Ravenhearst, he proposed to Emma Ravenhearst but was turned down. He made a second attempt by building Ravenhearst Manor but was yet again refused. Driven to madness, he slowly poisoned Emma to death, kidnapped her nursemaid Rose Someret as well as her children, and imprisoning their souls to power the machine he devised to keep himself and Emma immortal. Charles later forced himself on Rose, leading to the conceiving of Victor Dalimar. In this third saga, Charles first appears in the antechamber below the Detective's grave on TV sets, taunting the Detective throughout his multiple scenarios. Evidently he was born to a woman dying of disease, physically and psychologically abused by his adopted mother(whom he would later murder), displayed as a freak in Madame Fate's Carnival, and was imprisoned in a mental hospital where his father had once been a patient. All of this was before 1895, when he was mentally stable, but then was rejected by Emma. His distorted, immortal form in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst slightly resembles Voldemort from the Harry Potter films, but in living form(in the final scene) he looks somewhat like Ralph Fiennes, the actor who played Voldemort, albeit with no hair.

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